New Rise Feature: Export as PDF

May 02, 2018

Today we released a new feature in Rise that I think you’ll appreciate—especially those of you who work in highly regulated industries! Now you can export your Rise courses as PDF files for easy printing and meeting regulatory requirements.

Watch this quick video to learn more:

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Michael Fimian

Nice addition!  Thanks!

Is there an upper bound limit on the size of a Rise course?   The exports work fine with the smaller courses I have, but not so w my biggest course...  When I download as a regular zip back up, it's generally over two gigs in size. When I download as a PDF, it seems to get halfway there, then I get an error message...

Lauren Parker

Any chance interactive PDF is on the roadmap? We'd really love to be able to print to PDF and users still be able to complete Storyline and other interactive features in the PDF. Having just the first page of a Storyline block appear in the PDF doesn't help us. We've got our fingers crossed, as interactive PDF capability is the main reason we're hanging on to Captivate at this point. If Articulate can start providing this capability, we might be all-in Articulate.

Laurie Kerr

I agree.  Legally, we need to archive a PDF of each learning asset we make available to learners.  Because the RISE Export-to-PDF doesn't output the correct answer and feedback, we need to manually go back into the RISE course, take screen shots, and insert them into the PDF.  It's a lot of extra work which we don't have to do with Storyline's Print-to-Word function.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for clarifying and for the document Jacqueline, that is certainly helpful.

This is actually an issue we are aware of, where only the initial text on the flashcard displays. Text near the edge of the scrolling border will appear faded.

Sorry that you've run into this, but it is certainly on our radar.

Stephen Cahill

Currently when I export a "Step-by-Step" lesson on Rise to .PDF it puts each step on its own page. Is there anyway to format this differently? It would be ideal for me to be able to have 2-4 steps on each page. I understand the text and photos would be smaller, and thats ok. If there is a way of doing this, it will save me hours of work on each project I do. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have! <3 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael, 

Some of the blocks or lessons may split over multiple pages, as our export process won't shrink them to fit on one page or adjust across pages. You may be able to correct text size and page break issues by editing the exported course in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

As for the video placeholders becoming links, our team is always interested to know about what other features you'd like to see! I'm happy to share that idea with them. 

Michael Fimian

Thanks for passing on the request Ashely...  I was experimenting with taking the PDF and importing it into one of my blogs on WordPress...  It may make big projects like Destination Mars 169 sections) a bit more palatable...  Right now, I'm experimenting with Web Links for a single section to my server and see how that process works...