New Rise Feature: Export as PDF

May 02, 2018

Today we released a new feature in Rise that I think you’ll appreciate—especially those of you who work in highly regulated industries! Now you can export your Rise courses as PDF files for easy printing and meeting regulatory requirements.

Watch this quick video to learn more:

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Andrew Sellon

I'm so glad this feature was added at last!  I have one client who didn't want any more courses built in Rise until this feature was available, for compliance reasons.  Sorry I'm late to the game, but thanks for making this a priority!  However...

In trying a couple of PDFs, and reading this thread, I agree with some suggestions, and have other comments to add:

  • For a tabbed interaction, because you're grabbing a screen cap of the tabs, if there are more tabs than can be shown without clicking the right arrow, then the additional tabs are of course simply cut off.  The actual body text content on the tab is included in the PDF, but not seeing the appropriately-titled tab header with it is problematic.
  • Similarly, because you're currently using screencaps for flash cards, if the text on the card is longer, it fades away into nothingness--which is a real issue for a compliance course.  I'm hoping you are working on a way to grab the actual text from these items, so none of the course content is lost?
  • Page breaks are sometimes awkward.  Not the end of the world.  But if you can add a "no widow/orphan" aspect, that would be great.
  • As others have noted, being able to choose whether or not to include question feedback would be very useful.  Sometimes a client wants everything verbatim for compliance reasons; other times for accessibility reasons they want to supply the basic content as the learner would experience it online, but with the questions left unanswered (to prevent a learner from circulating the PDF as an "answer key.")

Thanks again for adding this essential feature (along with other great Rise enhancement), but I do hope you are committed to improving this PDF export as soon as possible?  From a compliance perspective, either every word of the course is present in the PDF, or it's not.  If it's not, it will not satisfy most clients' compliance requirements.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Andrew for breaking down those additional components that would be crucial for you! It will help our team with continued planning and development on additional aspects of this feature - so I appreciate the honesty.

We'll keep you posted here as those parts roll out to Rise, but I don't yet have an ETA to share.  

Alison Weinberg

Andrew's comment about page breaks is my biggest concern. I've got a tabbed activity in my course and it's split across two pages in the PDF. Tabs are at the bottom of one page, and content nested beneath the tab is on the next. Additionally, the screen shot of the first slide of my Storyline block is cut in half, split across the page break. Would love to see options to set page breaks or for the export tool to anticipate items that should not be split apart.


Stacey (Rowe) Wong

Hi there,

My team will often have multiple contributors to a module. I noticed that I could not export one module to PDF because I wasn't the "owner" even though it was shared with me. Is there a way to add multiple people to a module's ownership/allow them to export, review, share, edit settings etc. I currently just see the Preview button on the top bar.

SibaPrasad Padhi

Hi Can we select only those lessons which i need to publish as PDF. That will help us to create customized PDF for a standards production environment where we can plan our lesson both for e-learning and class room training and published those PDF portion accordingly. Please add this feature to select only those lesson that we want to publish for a PDF output.