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HI Crystal,

Someone mentioned this above, but the PDF export feature isn't yet perfect. A major hurdle we run into on the compliance side is that Rise does not export all text elements of the course. Many in-built labels and buttons (eg, navigation elements and scores in assessment sections, lesson navigation buttons) don't export. Would love for this to be updated.


Ben Rodriguez

Hi, Does anyone have guidelines to ensure that the Rise course exports to a PDF with clean page breaks?

I am running in to this exact issue.  It would be amazing if there were an interactive PDF Preview were you could mark page breaks and have the output update dynamically. (i.e. I mark a break, content adjusts for the break, and I scroll down to see where the next forced break might be needed.)

Rich Becker

Great addition. However, when I exported my course to PDF, the the video images  are not rendering as they do in the Rise course. Please see example. Is this possibly because we are using private Vimeo links, rather than public links, to the videos? 

Crystal Horn

Hi, Rich. Embedded web content doesn't always render as expected when converting it to print.

If having meaningful placeholder images for the blocks with web content is important for the PDF viewers, could you duplicate your course to create a PDF-friendly version? You could replace the embed blocks with image blocks for context of the web video content.

Rich Becker

Thanks, Crystal. 

We could take Snagit images of the videos as they display in Rise, with their correct embedded titles, then create a PDF-friendly version of the course that uses these Snagit images for the image blocks. Labor-intensive, but it would work.

We could create a version with text blocks above the video blocks with the correct video titles, then use the generic video thumbnails of the speakers in new image blocks to replace the video blocks. Not an exact replica of the course, but less work, and probably acceptable to users.

It sounds like a solution to the problem of rendering embedded web content is unlikely, correct?