Sharing folder in Rise

Jan 07, 2019


Is it possible for Rise users to share folders? We have a mid-sized team of developers and we would like to store final files in a shared folder structure (for maintenance and translation purposes). Is this possible?

I know you can add collaborators, but can you share folders with a specific group of people like you would share a google folder?


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Kadie Murray

I would love to have this feature available! Our team is growing pretty rapidly so to have a shared folder would help exponentially. It would be great to not only have folders but to be able to upload said folder like a document library so that it can be accessed through individual shared company websites i.e. SharePoint, google suite, etc. 

Tania Davis

Hi, I am also frustrated with regards to the limits on sharing content in a team environment. I would like to add my voice to to this 3 year old thread. Please let us be able to share content at the folder level. It's a huge waste of time to have to go through and share or add collaborators to each course. 

Articulate are you able to give us a date as to when this will be done. Bear in mind this thread is three years old now so surely it's time to get it sorted. 

Benjamin Groothoff

Same here - we desperately need shared folders, or some other way to share files with "full access" other than adding individual team members one by one. It is indeed a nightmare, as already said in this thread. This thread is more than 2 years old - can we expect something to happen here soon, or should we rather look what the competitors offer?

cplace Academy


The collaboration aspect needs some love. Shared folders with subfolders, managing collaboration on folder level, these things are no rocket science but default requirements when it comes to teamwork.

What's stopping Articulate from implementing these fundamentals? We're still in trail mode, and this is a real red flag for us. After more than 3 years and so many users asking for it, nothing is in sight. this makes one doubt continuous improvement and consideration of the community