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Montse replied to the discussion FREE Template- HOW TO FOLD JEANS
"I love this! Here's hoping we do an elearning challenge on domestic tasks and chores:-)"
  • 27 days ago01/01/20 at 11:58 pm (UTC)
Montse replied to the discussion Draw a conference room table
"Hello Terra - I believe this is the example and download you're looking for:"
  • 1 month ago12/19/19 at 11:02 pm (UTC)
"Here's my version for when you don't have time to click around: Demo:"
  • 1 month ago12/18/19 at 5:57 pm (UTC)
"Nice use of the random number variable, Samuel!"
  • 1 month ago12/18/19 at 5:55 pm (UTC)
"Judy this looks wonderful. Thanks for the share. You should cross-post in the Glossary E-Learning Challenge: https://community.artic..."
  • 2 months ago12/14/19 at 12:06 am (UTC)
"Thanks for letting us know how you resolved the issue. I'm glad you got it sorted. "
  • 2 months ago11/22/19 at 1:15 pm (UTC)
Montse replied to the discussion Audio Triggers
"HI Joe - Storyline gives you a visual cue that indicates how your audio files are set to play. If you see the audio icon, that mean..."
  • 2 months ago11/21/19 at 10:55 pm (UTC)
"Hi Kyle - are those vector shapes or did you build the menu using bitmap graphics? If you're using bitmap graphics, my guess is you have ..."
  • 2 months ago11/21/19 at 10:45 pm (UTC)
"This is amazing. Thanks for all the production and workflow improvements, Articulate!"
  • 2 months ago11/19/19 at 5:31 pm (UTC)
"The new training site is amazing. Thanks for another great resource, Articulate! "
  • 3 months ago10/29/19 at 3:44 pm (UTC)
"This is a delightful interaction, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your source. "
  • 3 months ago10/28/19 at 7:18 pm (UTC)
Montse replied to the discussion Looking for a Template
"Check out the "meet the team" examples in the following e-learning challenges. You'll find some good ideas as well as some free downloads..."
  • 4 months ago10/11/19 at 3:19 pm (UTC)
Montse replied to the discussion Bending or distorting shapes
"You can also save your shapes from PowerPoint as .emf and .wmf and import those into Storyline as vector shapes. Just remember to un..."
  • 4 months ago10/01/19 at 3:48 pm (UTC)
"Phil Mayor and others shared some good ideas and source files in this older thread:"
  • 4 months ago09/16/19 at 10:52 pm (UTC)
"Steve - I'm sorry I didn't notice you were showing screen recordings. I just tried a screen recording using your slide dimensions and was..."
  • 5 months ago09/02/19 at 4:01 pm (UTC)
"Your on-slide images are larger than your actual slide size. Use your guides and move them to the left, right, top, and b..."
  • 5 months ago09/02/19 at 2:40 pm (UTC)
Montse replied to the discussion Rise Collaborators
"That's not exactly how it works. By default, your folders and courses are all private to your account. To work simultaneously w..."
  • 5 months ago09/02/19 at 2:24 pm (UTC)
Montse replied to the discussion Audio and cue points
"The waveform should appear when the audio is set to play automatically when the timeline starts. If you're using a trigger to play the au..."
  • 5 months ago08/25/19 at 4:27 am (UTC)
"You should be able to set the slide layers to reset to initial state to get the captions to replay on each slide layer. . BTW, I really l..."
  • 6 months ago08/13/19 at 7:05 pm (UTC)
"Hi KGM - I might have misunderstood your question. You can easily rename/renumber the slides and scenes in your player menu: ht..."
  • 6 months ago07/31/19 at 11:31 pm (UTC)
"You'll need to cut-paste the scenes to organize them the way you like. Keep in mind that scene order is less relevant for the learner tha..."
  • 6 months ago07/31/19 at 11:27 pm (UTC)
"That's a good question, Carolyn. Scenes are not necessary other than to help you organize your course during authoring. You could put eve..."
  • 6 months ago07/27/19 at 2:29 pm (UTC)
"I'm so glad that helped, Carolyn. I felt it would be quicker to put a file together rather than write everything out. "
  • 6 months ago07/26/19 at 5:06 pm (UTC)
"Hi Carolyn - I put together a quick sample that should accomplish what you're after. Please take a look and let me know if I'm on t..."
  • 6 months ago07/26/19 at 12:23 am (UTC)
"Hi Carolyn - I'm attaching the .story file for you. I built it quickly for an older Elearning Challenge so many of the elements are..."
  • 6 months ago07/17/19 at 7:39 pm (UTC)