Articulate Presenter 360 has stopped working

May 14, 2019

I get this error message after opening ANY Presenter course I already built or the new one I am building. I am not doing anything in PowerPoint or Presenter when this error pops up. The error pops up about 1 minute after I open the PowerPoint file.  The rest of the message states, "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program." There is a "Close the program" button at the bottom of the error popup window.

I have the latest versions of all the 360 apps on this Windows 7 (office 2010) computer. Windows has all the latest updates as well.

Does this have anything to do with all the recent 360 install problems I keep getting emails from Articulate about? Or could this be caused by the latest update of Studio 360?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brandan,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into an issue with the Presenter 360 software.

Since you mention that it's happening across all projects, perhaps something went awry with your latest update. No worries, you can easily repair your installation.

You do have me curious about what e-mails you may be receiving though :)

Philip Roy

Hi there, I'm also getting this error whilst working in PowerPoint, but not actually using Presenter at all (it just randomly appears whilst working on PPT files). I'm assuming it is the add-in, which I have no ability to disable.

I am working at a large organisation and have put in a ticket for someone to remote in and do the repair...but can I the repair needed if I just asked them to uninstall Presenter by itself instead? I'm not going to be using Presenter at I thought this might be easier for the IT folk.

Or do you recommend an entire uninstall and reinstall?  

Anand Morab


I am facing a weird issue today. I have built my quizzes and when I try to integrate them in my ppt, it refuses to. In my ppt course file, I clicked on the Articulate ribbon to insert my quiz through the quizmaker quiz option, but nothing happens. Also, i noticed that none of the options in the Articulate ribbon opens. Till the day before everything was fine.

The only new thing I did was install iSpring trial ver. So I uninstalled this and restarted my ppt but again the same thing. None of the Articulate options open through my ppt file.

Please help. 





Leonard Puglia

I had the same issue, and it seems to have started after the latest Articulate 360 update on May 7.

I came to this forum and tried uninstalling and re-installing, but the error persisted.

In the end, I went to Studio 360 in the Articulate 360 console and selected 'Other Versions' and installed the previous version from April 2.

I no longer get the error every time I open Powerpoint - but I don't know what I'm missing from the update on May 7.


Dianne Hall

I am getting the same error today.  My IT guy installed all the articulate 360 updates yesterday so I have to believe it is connected.  I was able to create a quiz in quizmaker this morning.  However, every time I open Powerpoint, I get the error message.  I click on the close button and the dialog box goes away.  Since I am just doing notes in powerpoint right now I cannot confirm if Presenter is working or not.

Looking forward to the resolution.

Brandan laura

Hi Leslie,

Sorry, I thought I responded to your first message, but I didn't. I am getting emails for responses here, however I get many emails with my name backwards, if that is what you are asking :)

I am still getting the error, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I was however, still able to do tasks in Presenter after closing the error message. I went into Slide Properties, and everything seems fine. I then attempted to publish the PowerPoint to SCORM 2004, and it seems to publish fine. Could this error be a false alarm? Will they be doing an update to studio 360 soon?

Thanks mush.

Anand Morab

Hello Leslie,

Please let Ronaziel know that I am using Office 365 - powerpoint 2016, on my Windows 8 laptop. 

As per the troubleshooting steps...I have to type " Type powerpnt.exe /regserver into the Run dialog box and click OK. This repairs the registry keys for PowerPoint."

This does not work in my says "Windows cannot find 'powerpnt.exe /regserver'. Make sure you typed the name correctly"

Please let me know how to proceed.




Katie Riggio

Hi, Leila and Hattie. Sorry you're hitting this snag as well – I'd love to help!

First, let's see if the Microsoft Office and Studio 360 repair steps Sajna took help resolve the error on your side. Here's how to repair Microsoft Office (the steps are at the bottom of the page), and here's how to repair Studio 360.

Fingers crossed and if the error message is still there after these steps, please let our Support team know. They'll do what they can to ensure you're up and running in no time!

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