Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Feb 27, 2014

Do you have an elearning portfolio? Share your work here!

Hey gang -

Do you have a web site with examples of your elearning projects? We want to see them!

Please add a link to your personal blog, portfolio page, or a bunch of links showcasing the awesome work you're creating with Articulate software.

If all you have is a single web page with text-based links to projects, add them below. We're trying to find more ways to promote the creative work you do and the first step is to learn what you're working on.

So go ahead and promote your work below!

: We have an elearning challenge going on portfolios. Hop over to the challenge to share your e-learning portfolio!

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Gaurav Goel
Belen Casado

Nice thread!

Need time to visit your portfolios (some of them I already know).

This is my site in English, though I recently reviewed my portfolio in Spanish and it has the option to choose between PC and mobile:

I hope you enjoy. I also would like to review both and add more demos and improve what is already there.

Thanks for the opportunity to share, @David!

Rachel Barnum

Awesome thread! I'm really looking forward to going through everyone's for inspiration.

It's a little light right now since I'm still relatively new, but this is my portfolio:


Right now you can't reach my portfolio from my blog because I'm still in the process of tweaking everything but you guys can take a peek

Darla Wigginton

This is a great idea!  Thanks to everyone for sharing

Here are some of eVision's non-proprietary samples.  Wish we could show our other stuff....I'm sure everyone feels the same.  But this gives some idea of what we like to do.

Designs only:

Interactive examples (just click play once you've arrived at the design):

Video work:

Good old Powerpoint: 


~Darla Wigginton

Katie Venit

I don't have a portfolio set up, but thanks to a lot of help from this community, I recently finished my latest (and highest viewed) project. It will be required viewing for over 100,000 educators in the state of Wisconsin. I've really enjoyed working with my partners in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and I love that we're continuing to refine the module as we get feedback from districts and teachers.

Thanks again to everyone on this forum who offered advice!

Educator Effectiveness Step 2

Mark  Mitrione

Hi David,

A big thanks for starting this thread and for speaking at iDESIGNX in Sydney last week!

I work mainly in IT system training .e.g showing end users how to use an application to do something.

Does anyone out there specialise in systems eLearning? Has anyone got a specific example (including screen captures)?


Dianne  Hope

Here is the link to my recently released e-Portfolio - click on the image

It's a work in progress and I'm sure once I've looked at all the links above I'll be adding some more things!

I've also started a Pinterest board that you can view here - Pinterest is becoming one of my favourite ways to collate all my resources for my own use, but I also get a fair amount of traffic to my sites through this.


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