Sharing folder in Rise

Jan 07, 2019


Is it possible for Rise users to share folders? We have a mid-sized team of developers and we would like to store final files in a shared folder structure (for maintenance and translation purposes). Is this possible?

I know you can add collaborators, but can you share folders with a specific group of people like you would share a google folder?


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Frederick Bergeron

HI Renz,

I'm just curious to know why it's not on the roadmap? It's a pretty basic function that would be super usefull and it has been requested for the past 2 years.

Do you guys sometimes took suggestions coming from your users? It seems like every nice and uselfull requests I'm seeing on this forum for the past 2 years have always the same answer "...this feature isn't on the current roadmap"?

Nick Striegel

I know this is old... but we've just stumbled on this issue.  Each member in our  team will be creating over a dozen courses over the next 6 months.  And we need to share access between team members and keep them organized for each other.  Sharing folders would be pretty essential to this.

Ian Janes
Nick Striegel

Frustrating.  Rise is such a great tool, but I just don't see the support and investment from Articulate that it deserves. 

I both agree and disagree with this: The thing is, Rise is not a great tool as things stand. And it will never meet the bar for "great" as long as Articulate continues to neglect its development in this fashion. The collaboration features are a bad joke: no shared folders, no way for an admin to access other users' courses (except via the nuclear option of removing that user's seat and reassigning the courses), no way to invite collaborators to multiple courses at once…

The message to anyone who wants to have collaboration on by default is to go elsewhere. And we're seriously thinking about it, even though it would be a pain to migrate our content.

Diana Savage
Brandon Tanguay

I've been following this thread for almost 2 years. It's really quite disappointing that a feature that has been requested by users for this long hasn't even made it into a roadmap. 

It is very disappointing - I feel like they do not care at all about their customers.

Rory Sacks
Ewa Mwaura

It is very frustrating that so many teams are requesting enhancements to Rise and there is no real response visible on the roadmap. This discussion was open over two years ago! Thanks all for your input and I hope Articulate Staff will treat it as their priority. 

I should hope so. With competition to Rise having automatic collaboration, it is a huge downfall of the current Rise product. Now that authoring is all moving to the web/cloud, there is no reason why all users on a team shouldn't have access to all content for that org. eludcidat, Knowbly, etc. all do this. Even Google Drive and Dropbox offer this function.

With this many people asking for this crucial feature, it's unacceptable that it isn't even on the roadmap!