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Karen Smith
There was a post 5 years ago inquiring about a Search feature for an Engage 360 glossary project. Is there an update on when this may be available? It would be extreme...
7 days ago
By Karen Smith
Vanessa Blakley
Hello, my name is Vanessa Blakley, a long time admirer/follower of Articulate company for various positive reasons. As the demand for virtual/hybrid workers incr...
8 months ago
By Vanessa Blakley
Adam Domaradzki
Is there a way to hide the title text in the step panel? I want the title to appear on the tab, however I don't want it to show in the text area. I included image exam...
11 months ago
By Adam Domaradzki
Rohini Pazhamalai
The below error popped up when I was uploading a Word document to an Articulate Engage 360. After a lot of searching and troubleshooting exercises, I found a way to ...
1 year ago
By Rohini Pazhamalai
Oliam Wil
My Story is a long one to tell, so I will just say my current situation and leave out how I got here. I am Interested in studying mathematics but I do not have th...
over 1 year ago
By Oliam Wil
Jessi Auslander-Crick
Hi, Is there any way to edit the font colors on the pyramid interactions? I can change the font for the information but not the actual text on the pyramid itself. Am I...
over 1 year ago
By Jessi Auslander-Crick
Lena Drake
Hello Is it possible to create ONE tool, e.g. an online newsletter, using the different interactions in Engage - in other words, I want one tool but with different int...
almost 3 years ago
By Lena Drake
Simon Turner
Hello there, Can anyone help me? I am trying to build an interactive glossary (in Engage 360) to embed into a Storyline course and as a standalone glossary. Is it poss...
almost 3 years ago
By Simon Turner
SibaPrasad Padhi
Currently the conversation in Engage interaction is showing very small thumbnail image. Can this be make it better/bigger show that it should show a bigger image ...
3 years ago
By SibaPrasad Padhi
Sue Kugler
I'd like to create a sorting activity for our employee career development program where a user can sort through values and place them in one of three categories - most...
3 years ago
By Sue Kugler
Romoaldo Doliz
Good afternoon Guys, Can you please check my story I want to put some conditions whenever am dragging a coins to open a dialog were I can Put the number of the coins t...
over 3 years ago
By Romoaldo Doliz
David Anderson
Hello, all, I'm using the Bulletin Board interaction in a Presenter course and I'd like visually show the user that they have already clicked on a note. I ...
over 3 years ago
By David Anderson
Click here to apply: UNC Charlotte’s Office of Learning & Organization Development is looking for an Instructional Sy...
4 years ago
aditya khanna
The ultimate gains from the use of LMS for corporate training depend upon the existing IT infrastructure in the organization. LMS technology has proved its multidimens...
almost 5 years ago
By aditya khanna
Mike Olivieri
We’re so excited to share the latest update to Studio 360: Now you can access Content Library 360 images, icons, and videos right in Studio 360. You can already add b...
5 years ago
By Mike Olivieri
Carolyn knight
Is it possible to use engage to show a dependency diagram and how it would change if the result was x, etc?   Does that make sense? How can I represent this flow in ...
over 5 years ago
By Carolyn knight
Graham Francis
A lot of people have been having issues with publishing Engage content within a Presenter presentation where Volumes are signifiacntly different to the other Powerpoin...
9 years ago
By Graham Francis
calum crosbie
I want to link some files - Word and Tooltips - to an Engage slide that are included in the published zip file. Previously, I could access the Java Script content aft...
over 9 years ago
By calum crosbie
Jacquii Leveine
Hello, I am editing my Department of Education webpage and would like to embed Engage interactions into existing web page templates that are built on CMS - Microsoft....
almost 10 years ago
By Jacquii Leveine
fiona wilson
Hi Having read some really helpful questions and answers I have got quite far solving my problem but now I am stuck! This is what I am trying to achieve: A calculator ...
10 years ago
By fiona wilson