Everything we know about Cornerstone on Demand and Storyline!

Sep 04, 2013

I thought I would start a thread about Cornerstone on Demand so there's a central place for people to read and add to. There seems to be a dearth of information about how CSOD and Storyline interact with each other as well as the unresolved issues surrounding it. I've spent many hours scouring the web and speaking with Cornerstone trying to find a solution. Hopefully this thread will serve as a resource for others going forward.

On a side note, I love Articulate Storyline. I started with Adobe Captivate with limited success. It was a very steep learning curve, but I was able to get some basic functionality out of it. I tested out Storyline with it's 30 day trial, and I will say that time-to-effectiveness was drastically reduced. It really IS like using powerpoint. Granted there is less complex functionality and interactions available than Captivate, but so far it's given me everything I've needed to use. The benefit is that the learning curve is much less steep too. Think of it as the difference between iMovie and Final Cut Pro. The latter can do some crazy effects, but the former gives you 90% of what you need and can get you comfortable in 1/4 of the time.

It's nice to have a properly-working content creation tool when you're in an LMS like Cornerstone. I have enough trouble in CSOD as it is.

So some of the nuggets of wisdom that I've found are :

  • Cornerstone does not track SCORM 1.2 content properly. You cannot pull a lot of the reports if they are not in SCORM 2004 format. You don't have the option to select that course in the reports.
  • If you export into SCORM 2004, there will be an extra section on the left with text links to the module. This takes up 30% of the screen, and on smaller laptop screens may crowd out the module window. Cornerstone says this is a Storyline exporting settings issue. I couldn't find any settings that shows/hides that section. The workaround is to resize the module to the screen, which doesn't get rid of the section, but at least fits the module.
  • When reporting, you can get the completion status for a course based on quiz result or last slide viewed. You can also get a final grade for course. Storyline passes the results information for each question (including short answer) but you cannot pull a list of the answers for an individual. Therefore, it may not be advisable to administer any testing where you'll need to review individual answers
  • You can get a list of aggregate answers for a module. e.g. I can see how 100 employees answered this multiple choice question. This is helpful to determine if learners are absorbing the course information correctly.
  • Web objects (such as websites, or links to sharepoint documents) work in modules if your IT has added csod.com to the trusted sites
  • Popup windows that open up the articulate module in CSOD will work if you add csod.com to the allowed list for popup blockers. Your IT dept can also add this to everyone's computer. Otherwise when learners click the "launch" button, the module does not show up.

I'll post more as I think or find them, but feel free to add to this list!

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Owen Holt

For my issue I found an interesting work around. If you start a new version of a course where there are already 2 versions, you will get a pop-up asking you which existing version you wish to retire. Once you've made that selection, you can then cancel out of versioning and *poof* you are down to one active course.

Ashley Zuco

Hi all! I am trying to publish a Storyline quiz and upload it to Cornerstone so that it says "complete" on Cornerstone if the user passes, and "in progress" if the user has not passed or is still working. I have tried many publishing variations and nothing seems to work. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am very new to Cornerstone. 


Carie Whitehead

What SCORM settings did you use? What is your completion criteria?

Have you tested it in SCORM cloud? If it works there but not in CSOD, then Cornerstone could be the issue. If it doesn't work there, it is the file / way it was published.

If you can post a screenshot of the settings you chose when publishing for LMS, that may help us find the issue.

Jahon Jabali

Carolyn, can you provide some information regarding CSOD and Storyline 360? Does CSOD allow for question banks and random assessments built into the SCORM package via Storyline? Can it be graded? Passed/Incomplete?

Cornerstones online help shows this: "LMS Reporting - When publishing a course from the authoring tool, many tools provide a choice of “reporting status” to the LMS. For example, Articulate’s tools like Presenter and Storyline provide four options for LMS Reporting, including "Passed/Incomplete," "Passed/Failed," "Completed/Incomplete," and “Completed/Failed.” We have found that options which include the terms "Passed" and "Failed" could introduce completion issues on users' transcripts, so in this instance we recommend the use of the "Completed/Incomplete" option."

Carolyn Kunz

Yes, you can use any of the quizzing options in SL, including question banks. In our organization, most of our courses are published as SCORM 1.2, with Passed/Incomplete, even when the module has a minimum passing grade. We do have some SMEs who want to see the score. In that case, we set the LMS Reporting to Passed/Failed.  

Fiona Main

Cornerstone errors

Hi, I'm a Storyline e-learning developer and have recently moved from Storyline 2 to 360.  I work for a large defence company and we use Cornerstone as our internal LMS.  We had several courses running on the LMS that were developed in Storyline 2 and I have just updated them to 360.  Our team who are updating (I do not have admin access to Cornerstone) say that they are getting the attached error messages when they try to update.  Is it going to be possible to simply update or will they have to replace the courses completely?  This would cause significant issues with previous student records and testing over several UK sites.  Anyone have thoughts?

Amber Patrick


I have am having an issue with two Storyline courses published with Scorm 1.2 in Cornerstone. When originally assigned to some users, the course will open in a blank screen and is not working properly. For those users, we delete the courses of their profile and reassign the training to them. The second time around the courses work as they should. Has anyone come across this issue? I am wondering if this is a cornerstone issue or if it is a Scorm 1.2 issue. 

Laura Douglas

I have suffered for many months close to years with courses displaying blank pages or partial page loads. with 1.2, 2004, 3rd ed, etc.  Cornerstone, or even other LMS's I don't have an answer for you as we perpetually have to advise our clients to create a work around - like, reassigning the course or refreshing the page.  One item of note is that a page with an animation on it tends to hang up the most frequently and the easiest work around is to grab the seek bar and scrub it - and the page tend to complete loading.  Where we ran into deadlocks was when we tried to get clean and fancy and delete unnecessary player control elements on a slide, like who needs a seek bar on a main menu page?  Especially if there is no audio to play?  No seek bar, nothing to clear the error and nothing to allow a learner to progress in a course...so we have started adding them back into the courses and instructing learners that this is a method to address the problem on their own.  I know Articulate has been looking into this issue for as many months as I have reported it, but it has been a perpetual and inconsistent error.  I hope this give you some insight and you are able to share your experience so that maybe we can find the hidden element or elements that create the perfect storm and cause a course to hang up intermittently. 

Sabrina Mack


I have an course created in storyline 360 and the course works smoothly in the preview mode in articulate. When it was uploaded to Cornerstone there is a slide that has multiple triggers to click on before you can move forward. This one slide keeps on looping which will not let us get past this slide. My fix for the issue was to reload the course to Cornerstone again. Once I did that it worked.  I Just wanted to check in and see if anyone else had issues with certain slides looping and not letting you move forward.  If so do you know the source of the issues or do we keep reloading our work to Cornerstone when this happens?

Yvonne  Dougherty

We currently are using Storyline 360 version 3.48.24159.0. Our LMS is Cornerstone. Every month Cornerstone runs a report for us that pulls data for all of our completed courses from the previous month.  The fields relating to the courses and users are populated. However, none of the fields relating to the questions in the course are populated. These fields include Question Text, Question Type, Correct/Neutral Response Pattern, and Learner Response.  The courses complete fine and the scores are recorded properly in Cornerstone. In previous version, all of the fields populated without issue. We just started running into this issue with the above version. Has anyone else run into this issue?

William Butler

Yvonne, we're running 3.50.24832.0 and have not had any of these problems. The March update removed all Flash coding features and this might be causing the issues you see. Does the report run in a widget or is it a native download (e.g. Excel)? If the report is a widget, you might be having a post-Flash issue. Best guess on my end.

Yvonne  Dougherty

We are still running the January version for that reason. We wanted a chance to test our courses in the March version to make sure there was no impact on them before we went live with that version. We post courses every month that use the same templates. We have Cornerstone pull this report for us. We get it in a raw format in a text file. I'm not sure how they pull the data. We do have an inquiry out to them, but I wanted to reach out here to see if anyone else had run into it. 

Will Findlay

Have you tried setting up your own Transcript report with SCORM fields to see if the data is blank when you run it? (Maybe CSOD's report broke)

In Reporting 2.0 our typical report looks like this:

User Last Name
User First Name
User Email
Quiz Question Description
Quiz Response
Quiz Response Status
Quiz Attempt Date
Quiz Question ID
Quiz Question Type
Training Title

Or here is the full list of fields:

Laura Nedved

I experienced the same issue when we switched from SCORM 1.2 to SCORM 2004 with the odd HTML menu appearing on the left side of the course. I called Cornerstone support to report the issue. When I asked about it, their support person said they could turn that off for me. They were able to flip a switch on their end and the links were gone the next day. They must have figured this one out and documented the steps to quickly resolve it.