Everything we know about Cornerstone on Demand and Storyline!

I thought I would start a thread about Cornerstone on Demand so there's a central place for people to read and add to. There seems to be a dearth of information about how CSOD and Storyline interact with each other as well as the unresolved issues surrounding it. I've spent many hours scouring the web and speaking with Cornerstone trying to find a solution. Hopefully this thread will serve as a resource for others going forward.

On a side note, I love Articulate Storyline. I started with Adobe Captivate with limited success. It was a very steep learning curve, but I was able to get some basic functionality out of it. I tested out Storyline with it's 30 day trial, and I will say that time-to-effectiveness was drastically reduced. It really IS like using powerpoint. Granted there is less complex functionality and interactions available than Captivate, but so far it's given me everything I've needed to use. The benefit is that the learning curve is much less steep too. Think of it as the difference between iMovie and Final Cut Pro. The latter can do some crazy effects, but the former gives you 90% of what you need and can get you comfortable in 1/4 of the time.

It's nice to have a properly-working content creation tool when you're in an LMS like Cornerstone. I have enough trouble in CSOD as it is.

So some of the nuggets of wisdom that I've found are :

  • Cornerstone does not track SCORM 1.2 content properly. You cannot pull a lot of the reports if they are not in SCORM 2004 format. You don't have the option to select that course in the reports.
  • If you export into SCORM 2004, there will be an extra section on the left with text links to the module. This takes up 30% of the screen, and on smaller laptop screens may crowd out the module window. Cornerstone says this is a Storyline exporting settings issue. I couldn't find any settings that shows/hides that section. The workaround is to resize the module to the screen, which doesn't get rid of the section, but at least fits the module.
  • When reporting, you can get the completion status for a course based on quiz result or last slide viewed. You can also get a final grade for course. Storyline passes the results information for each question (including short answer) but you cannot pull a list of the answers for an individual. Therefore, it may not be advisable to administer any testing where you'll need to review individual answers
  • You can get a list of aggregate answers for a module. e.g. I can see how 100 employees answered this multiple choice question. This is helpful to determine if learners are absorbing the course information correctly.
  • Web objects (such as websites, or links to sharepoint documents) work in modules if your IT has added csod.com to the trusted sites
  • Popup windows that open up the articulate module in CSOD will work if you add csod.com to the allowed list for popup blockers. Your IT dept can also add this to everyone's computer. Otherwise when learners click the "launch" button, the module does not show up.

I'll post more as I think or find them, but feel free to add to this list!

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William Butler

Yvonne, we're running 3.50.24832.0 and have not had any of these problems. The March update removed all Flash coding features and this might be causing the issues you see. Does the report run in a widget or is it a native download (e.g. Excel)? If the report is a widget, you might be having a post-Flash issue. Best guess on my end.

Yvonne  Dougherty

We are still running the January version for that reason. We wanted a chance to test our courses in the March version to make sure there was no impact on them before we went live with that version. We post courses every month that use the same templates. We have Cornerstone pull this report for us. We get it in a raw format in a text file. I'm not sure how they pull the data. We do have an inquiry out to them, but I wanted to reach out here to see if anyone else had run into it. 

Will Findlay

Have you tried setting up your own Transcript report with SCORM fields to see if the data is blank when you run it? (Maybe CSOD's report broke)

In Reporting 2.0 our typical report looks like this:

User Last Name
User First Name
User Email
Quiz Question Description
Quiz Response
Quiz Response Status
Quiz Attempt Date
Quiz Question ID
Quiz Question Type
Training Title

Or here is the full list of fields:

Laura Nedved

I experienced the same issue when we switched from SCORM 1.2 to SCORM 2004 with the odd HTML menu appearing on the left side of the course. I called Cornerstone support to report the issue. When I asked about it, their support person said they could turn that off for me. They were able to flip a switch on their end and the links were gone the next day. They must have figured this one out and documented the steps to quickly resolve it.

Ryan Brown

Greetings. I have recently noticed when I publish courses in SL360 to SCORM 2004 v 3 and upload to Cornerstone that the courses are no longer able to be viewed in IE 11 (you get a blank screen). I am aware there was a big Storyline update on 3/23 and courses that I have uploaded prior to 3/23 still work fine (they were published as HTML5 only). Of course all courses pre and post 3/23 work in Chrome but we still have some users in the organization who are using IE 11 for other legacy applications and as a default browser. Has anyone else experienced this or have a solution?

Dave Hoffman

I also experiencing issues with Internet Explorer not displaying information properly.  IE end of life is August 17, 2021.   Thus, we are directing our users to use Chrome as their browser for CSOD.

The Microsoft Teams web app no longer supports IE 11 as of November 30, 2020. 
Beginning August 17, 2021, Microsoft services will no longer support IE 11.

Will Findlay

You're welcome. Another thing to know about modifying... you won't see the changes right away when the  course modification says it is complete.  It can take hours.

Users who have launched the course previously tend to see the changes much later than users who haven't launched it yet. So I usually test the modified course logged in under a test user account that hasn't launched the course before.

Mary Gutwein

Hello, Heroes! I'm hoping you can help with an issue we are having. I've created three simulation-based assessments in Storyline 360, rendered them in SCORM 2004 3rd edition,  and have loaded each of them to Cornerstone On Demand. When a user take the assessment and fails, they can retake the assessment up to 3 times within the assessment, meaning, they just go back to the beginning and take it again. I am aware that only the final attempt will be recorded in this case.

What I'd like to do is set it up so that all of the attempts and their respective data (answers, clicks, etc.) are recorded. This would mean they would setting it up so that they would need to have the assessment marked as complete, and then re-request the assessment. I tested this yesterday, and only the data from the second attempt was saved. 

I know others have posted about this issue before. Has anyone found a way for CSOD to retain all attempts of a Storyline 360 simulation-based assessment? 

As an aside, I did find out that Rise 360 retains all attempts of an assessment without the learner having to be marked as complete. (Woot woot!)