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Nov 16, 2016

Our students keep telling us that they still want to be able to print their learning materials. Is there an easy way to export Rise content to a print PDF?

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Brett Rockwood

One important reason PDF output is important is that regulators require it. If you work in a highly regulated industry like financial services, government regulators frequently require hard copies of trainings given to employees. In my experience, regulators are not interested in seeing training content online; they want printable material in PDF, Word or Excel. (Never mind the fact that a printed version of an interactive online training is not likely to be representative of the actual training experience; that's what they want.)

Without the ability to make PDF or Word files from Rise seriously limits its usefulness for an organization that is highly regulated. We would literally have to make screen shots of every screen/permutation and then build those into a PDF. Not the way I want to spend my time ;-(

Kelly Cheston Gottus

It is a feature that HAS to be created. They can't tell us to use a work around like making screenshots of each page. And the ctrl P solution DOES NOT WORK. But alas, like many of the needed features I have seen requested on this site, no one seems to be listening...11 months ago it was brought up and not a peep and not one change in all those constant updates we receive. Hmmm...sounds like no one really cares what the customer needs to utilize their product effectively. I come.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly,

I saw that you also reached out here, and my colleague Trina offered some help. A number of the new features or enhancements listed in the version history here were driven entirely by customer feedback and ideas shared here in the E-Learning Heroes community. 

The request for a printable copy is an idea we've gotten into the hands of our team, and I'll also pass along the feedback you shared here. Our team is small, and when I say I am escalating it, please know that it is a very short ladder that things are running up, and we really are trying to do what we can to make a product you LOVE. 

Kelly Cheston Gottus

I am just so unimpressed so far. There are so many basic things that would
make life MUCH easier and work MUCH faster for the authors. And none of
those have I seen been resolved. I look back over the last several years
and there have been requests made that we ALL seem to need and yet you push
out a ton of "updates" that quite honestly are less helpful. And then the
misleading email about being able to import to Rise from Storyline... just
not impressed with the company or product.

A lot of your customers work with highly regulated industries. The
inability to convert to .pdf or word (like Storyline) a version that can
put through a medical, regulatory, legal review process is asinine. It
causes hours more work for the author. This, the inability to import and
export a glossary written in word or excel or anything is again, stupid.
But yet, no one at your company seems in a rush to actually support the end
user. Rather you apparently sit in a room and talk about the things YOU all
want to work on and not what is actually helpful.

Justin Grenier

I'm really sorry to hear that we've let you down, Kelly.

To be clear, the ability to print from Rise is on our roadmap, and although we don't have an ETA yet, we'll announce it here when it's ready to go!

I also hear you saying that you want Articulate to be generally receptive and responsive to customer input, and I'd like to share just a few specific examples of how we've done that since the release of Articulate 360:

There are almost too many examples of this to share here.

Will Articulate always do a perfect job of acting on customer feedback?  We sure are working hard at it, and we're growing and improving all the time.  We hope you'll forgive any missteps along the way!

Karen Pizur

What about having to submit a hard copy of a course for CEU certification?  How do we do that it we cannot print>  I am not asking for the student level to have this feature.  I am talking at the ADMIN level.  That would allow us the ability to print training materials too.  You say we all learn differently. Well we all work differently too.  Help!

Sue Antonissen

I also noticed the absence of a Print to PDF function in Rise lessons ... happy to see it requested and on the road map as a future enhancement. 

This would really open up our ability to use Rise throughout our organization as well, especially for Compliance courses. Also, this would allow our end users have content (such as job aids) handy in the moment of need, to use when they don't have access to a computer or device.

Abby  Velazco

Articulate team- thanks for listening to our concerns! I agree with the comments above. The print option is a MUST for some organizations.

Do you have an estimated time frame of when this feature will become available? I am working on a few lesson plans to be used in 2018 that will need the ability to print for regulatory reasons. I would hate to have to recreate the material on another system. 

thank you 

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