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Sally Milford
Hi all - I'm wondering if anyone might be able to put together a step-by-step guide as to how to set up a variable / javascript function for this? (i.e. pulling a user...
5 hours ago
By Phil Lak
Alfredo Mendoza Mexía
In the storyline 3 version for 2018, the utility of inserting tables was annexed and that is very good, my question for the designers is: why was not an equation edito...
5 hours ago
By Bonnie Long
Andrea Cagli
Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a Drag&Drop interaction with 1 target and 3 drag groups: GroupCorrect, GroupWrong1, GroupWrong2. Each group is composed by a...
5 hours ago
By Andrea Cagli
Bruce Graham
Hi, I am trying to set up a Trigger that allows for users, should they so wish, to press either the right or left arrows on the keyboard while watching a 360 course, a...
6 hours ago
By Peter van der Slikke
Andlen Go
Before I have updated my storyline version, A web object added in the slide (together with its elements) reduces its dimension with the browser dimension automati...
6 hours ago
By Andlen Go
David McDonagh
I would prefer to use the dark modern player, but I just tried out the Lightbox feature and the Close (X) button is incredibly hard to view. It's ok to see in iPad vie...
6 hours ago
By Alexandra Angelova
Inbal fishman
Hi all, I marked 'Prompt to resume' and published to LMS (in Storyline 3), but when the client tried to restart the course, it starts from the beginning and the m...
7 hours ago
By Venkata Krishna Reddy
Ed McLean
I'm new to Storyline so may have missed something key. I'm creating shapes in Illustrator, exporting them as WMF, then inserting them as a picture to Storyline. The re...
8 hours ago
By Diarmaid Collins
biba biba
Hi, After I had published the file ,and I saved it on usb ,the file did not work on another computer.what the problem here
8 hours ago
By biba biba
Kim  Baker
Hi I am hoping someone could help me. I am having issues with my NEXT button appearing and being active even though I have gone through all my triggers 3 or 4 ti...
10 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Kevin Rucker
Hi, All. We are creating a few custom question slides for a client and are having a small issue with the hover state on some of the answers. When you mouse over t...
11 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Douglas Harriman
Started experiencing some issues today with how my screenreader was handling text frames. Don't recall encountering them previously, so I'm curious if anyone else has....
12 hours ago
By Sasha Malone
Berkeley Bennett
Help! I can't even get into Articulate. I have a Mac, so I downloaded Windows 10 by using Boot Camp. Then I signed up for Articulate's free trial. I ...
12 hours ago
By Berkeley Bennett
Claire Wheeler
Hi community I have a slide with markers set to reveal all on hover. Sometimes when I view the slide in preview/publish mode, some of the markers do not display and I ...
13 hours ago
By Wendy Farmer
Brian McSkane
I've created a trigger to get an audio element to loop. This is: Action: Play media Media: Sound 15 When: Media completes Object: Sound15 When I click on the OK b...
13 hours ago
By Norma Kaplan
Thomas Throop
Hey folks, I'm working on a very lightweight software simulation. The narration describes the workflow, and the user should click on the button on the screenshot of th...
13 hours ago
By Thomas Throop
Julia R
I want all my slides to advance if the user clicks "next". So I changed the settings in the Player Trigger in all slides accordingly ("jump to next slide when user cli...
13 hours ago
By Sonya Lowson
Mariano Aran
We have created different menus that contain a set of buttons. So to make only 2 animations per menu (enter & exit), we have grouped each...
14 hours ago
By William Beardsley
Annette Brodahl
I am trying to develop SL templates for our team. They need to have the correct player size, etc. When I pull the templates into a new project they are not only not ke...
15 hours ago
By Annette Brodahl
Gayla Keesee
I am developing three foreign language courses right now and one of the stipulations is that the learner be able to record their speaking the language and play it back...
15 hours ago
By Ros McNamee