Hi, welcome to Reach 360! Watch the video for a demonstration of everything Reach 360 has to offer, then check out the sections below to explore further. 

Create Your Account

If you've been invited to Reach 360 as a learner, get started by clicking the link in your invitation email.   

Click the Sign in with Google button to quickly create your account. You can also manually enter your email and select a password. In both cases, make sure you use the email address to which the invitation email was sent.

Click Create Account to continue.

Note: If you get an error when clicking the email invitation link, it may be expired. Contact the admin who sent you the invitation for further assistance. 

Articulate 360 Teams members: If you'd like to use Reach 360, contact your Articulate 360 Teams administrator for access.

Explore Your Dashboard

Your Reach 360 journey starts on the Learn dashboard. It's comprised of two parts. On the left, you'll see content that's been assigned to you and any content that you favorite! Start a course by clicking on it (find out more information about the tabs in the Learn collection).

Dive Deeper

Depending on your role, you'll see as many as three tabs at the top of the interface: Learn, Analyze, and Manage. You can find out more about each tab in the Reach 360 User Guide. There, you'll find tons of information. Feel free to explore and discover everything Reach 360 has to offer.

If you need help, you can check out our FAQs for more information (including how to get in touch with Support).

Welcome to Reach 360. We’re glad you’re here.

Upgrade to Reach 360 Pro

Want to know more about adding additional learners or activating Reach 360 if it's not already available for your account? Check out our guide on activating and upgrading