Training is the core of Reach 360. There are three types of training deliverables: microlearning, courses, and learning paths. Microlearning is a single lesson made up of content blocks. Courses include multiple lessons. Learning paths are created from multiple courses. 

Keep reading to learn more about each type. 

When you start any training content, you'll see Add to Favorites in the upper-right corner. Click the heart icon to add the current training to your favorites. Click Back to My Learning to return to your Reach 360 dashboard.


When it comes to training, sometimes less is more. Microlearning is bite-sized content that's focused on a single learning objective. Microlearning content is meant to be taken all at once in a short amount of time. 

Click the title card to start the content. Begin scrolling or click the down arrow to progress. Scroll or step through the content to complete the training


To start a course, click the title card. There’s a lot of information to process, so let’s break it down.

In the cover photo, you’ll see the author name, title, and a Start Course button. For courses, if you’ve already started, the progress bar displays, showing the current percentage of lessons you’ve completed. A Resume Course button displays, letting you jump to where you left off.

Courses also provide a training description as well as the date the training was published or last updated. 

Over on the right, you’ll see how many lessons are in the course and approximately how long it’ll take to complete them all. Beneath that, you’ll find the author, what you need to do to complete the course (either complete a certain number of lessons, a quiz, or both), and any associated categories (they help you find training in the Library). If the course has a due date, you’ll find it listed here as well.

At the bottom of the overview is the course outline, broken out by lesson. Anything you’ve completed or have in progress is marked. Click a title to start that lesson.

Navigate Through a Lesson

Once you’re in a lesson, scroll through the content in the main screen on the right to progress. If available, you can hide and display the sidebar by clicking the ☰ icon in the left-hand corner of the main screen.

Use the sidebar to navigate through the content and track your progress. Clicking the cover image at the top of the sidebar returns you to the overview for the training or learning path. Clicking Back to My Learning returns you to the Learn tab. 

Don’t worry about losing your place. Reach 360 keeps track of the last lesson you completed so that when you return to your training, you’ll continue at the top of the lesson where you left off. 

Reach 360 automatically bookmarks your progress in video or audio content progress if you navigate away from a lesson or close it while content is playing. Just press Play when you come back to the lesson to resume.

Custom Training

Your dashboard may contain custom training that have course cards similar to others on your dashboard but display a Launch Course button on the title card. Clicking it opens the course in a new window. 

These types of courses often have unique navigation and completion requirements that can vary from training to training. 

Learning Paths

Learning paths contain two or more pieces of training. What you see when you select the title card for a learning path is slightly different.

The learning path overview cover image displays the title and your current progress. Here you can either start with the first training or, if you’ve already started, continue where you last left off. You can also save it to your favorites by clicking the heart icon next to Add to Favorites.

Next, you’ll see the average time the learning path takes to complete, the due date, description, and topics, as well as the authors of the included training.

At the bottom of the overview, you’ll see title cards for the pieces of training that make up the learning path. Training you haven’t started displays a View button over the cover image. In-progress and completed pieces of training have a progress bar. 

Clicking a title card takes you to the overview for that training. You can review the training information, start or continue, and, for courses, jump to a specific lesson in the course outline.

Completing Training

Completing training means something a little different depending on the type of training you're taking. 

  • For microlearning, training is complete when you've viewed all of the content. 
  • For courses, it's when you've either progressed through a certain percentage of the content, completed a quiz, or progressed through a percentage and completed a quiz and then clicked Finish after the last lesson. For custom courses, you'll close the course window and to return to the title card page. 
  • For learning paths, completion is based on the requirements for each constituent component. If you didn't meet the requirements for any contained microlearning or course content, they must be met to complete the learning path.   

In most cases, once you complete your training content, a completion screen displays where you can download your completion certificate. You can also download your certificate from the title card and return to the Learn tab, or, if available, navigate to completed portions of the training using the sidebar. 

Once you complete a training deliverable, it displays in the My Learning section under Completed.

You can retake any training you’ve completed by clicking the Start Again button on the training overview. This won’t move completed training to the In-Progress section. If you can't find it, your admin may have removed access to that training.