Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Are you ready?

It’s probably been ages since you crafted Mom a handmade gift, but with this fresh and cheeky (and free!) download , we’re giving you a twofer: 1) a fun way to create a handmade e-card for Mom using your amazing Articulate Storyline skills; and 2) a great Storyline project file to repurpose, reverse engineer, or customize with your own images, colors, and text.

This design is chock-full of your favorite Storyline features, including variables (true/false and text), branching, states, and triggers. All of these features work together to create an engaging activity that lends itself to re-use as an interactive decision-making tool, a simple game, a creative exercise, and so on—the options are endless.

Bonus goodies: we’ve included free hi-res photo images from Unsplash as well as a fabulous color palette and custom illustrations courtesy of Articulate’s own Greg Christman.

View this e-card in action.

Already designed an e-card that will make Mom proud? Show it off! Grab a screenshot of your creation and share it with us in the comments, in the E-Learning Heroes forums, or on Twitter with the hashtag #ELHCard.

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Jackie Van Nice