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Ever shop at a big-box retailer on a Saturday afternoon? If so, you may have found yourself strolling through the store, overspending along the way. All of those product demos and tasty free samples are hard to resist. There’s just something about seeing what you can make with the products that draws you in and compels you to pay attention—and maybe indulge in a little shopping (or snacking!) splurge.

Animated gif of someone eating food samples at a big box retailer

To some extent, I think that same idea can be applied to purchasing e-learning apps. I know, I know. This might be a stretch, but hear me out. In my experience, you can tell the higher-ups how much you need new software, but only when you show them what you can do with it does that proposed expenditure have any real meaning or value. In other words, demonstrating what’s possible can whet their appetite—and open up their wallets!

So, to help you cut through some bureaucratic red tape and get that purchase order approved pronto, here are all the e-learning examples you need to sell Articulate 360 to your boss.

New Hire Onboarding Training

What’s one of the hardest parts about getting up to speed in a new environment? Getting to know your new team—both who they are and what they do. That’s why this helpful New Employee Onboarding Guide is so cool. And because it was created with Rise 360, it comes together in hours—not weeks—so you can easily keep it up to date as new folx join the team.

Are you looking to create an onboarding experience that really wows your new employees? Meeting the team has never been more fun than this Playful Onboarding course created in Storyline 360. With colorful illustrations, animations, layers, and triggers, learners will love exploring a game-inspired course that gets them excited about their new workplace.

Dos & Dont’s Training

Nothing feels more tedious than being asked to memorize a long list of dos and don’ts. But with a fun and interactive Dos & Dont’s Knowlege Check like this one created in Storyline 360, learners won’t have to struggle to commit important details to memory.

Software Training

Help your teams get comfortable with new software by stealing some of the creative ideas found in this Rise 360 Software Training Example course. By combining blocks like labeled graphics and process interactions with video or embed blocks, you’ll be able to crank out gorgeous, mobile-friendly software training in no time. For more tips and ideas on how to use Rise 360 for software training, check out this handy article.

Health and Safety Training

  • What would you do in the event of a workplace violence incident? That’s the question explored in this example. Using built-in Content Library 360 characters and taking advantage of the timeline to amp up the tension, learners are dropped right into an interactive decision-making scenario involving an active shooter. It’s intense but effective.
  • Are your employees at risk of burning out? A self-assessment like this one created in Rise 360 can be a critical tool for team leads and people managers.
  • Keep your learners safe on the job site by giving them mobile-friendly construction safety training created with Rise 360
  • Simulating dangerous work environments or situations is a tricky training challenge. Explore this immersive Hazardous Waste Safety training to see what’s possible when you combine a little imagination with some Storyline 360 know-how. 

Compliance Training

Compliance training is an important part of operating a business—but e-learning pros don’t usually get a lot of time or budget to create it or keep it up to date. 

That’s one of the many reasons Rise 360 is ideal for tackling compliance topics. With sleek interactions like process and sorting blocks, embedded content from the web, and knowledge checks and quizzes, you can quickly create budget-friendly, media-rich compliance courses like this scenario-based course on avoiding conflicts of interest and this one on the topic of information security—just to name a few.

Communication Skills Training

Strong communication skills are the foundation of your learners’ success. Help them hone their skills with a series of interactive practice exercises created with Storyline 360. The powerful text variable feature captures learner input for comparison to an ideal writing sample. It’s an effective learning tool and an engaging way to help people become better writers.

Leadership Training

What’s your leadership style? Do you like to motivate people by challenging them, or by showing them how they play a part in something bigger? Find your own answers in this insightful decision-making activity created in Storyline 360. It cleverly uses object triggers and branching to move the user through a series of questions designed to drill down to their leadership style. 


Who says quizzes have to look and feel like a stodgy ol’ college entrance exam? Wrapping up your courses with fun, game-like quizzes like this one created in Storyline 360 means your learners will actually enjoy taking their training.

More Resources

When it comes to selling Articulate 360 to the boss, the best way to get a yes might be to show some of the amazing things you can create with it! Signing up for a free 30-day trial gives you plenty of time to do just that. Take some inspiration from all the examples I’ve shared here or create a test project based on some existing courses in your LMS. Most importantly, have fun exploring all the ideas, apps, and resources included in an Articulate 360 subscription. 

Need more tips for convincing your boss to modernize your e-learning development process? Check out How to Get Your Boss on Board with Articulate 360 Teams for some additional pointers.

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