RiseAuthoring in Rise is already quick and easy—and now it’s even better. That’s because all of the prebuilt lesson types—such as the labeled graphic, timeline, and sorting cards—are available as blocks. Blocks are modular components you can stack and arrange to create totally unique custom lessons. Having these lesson types as blocks gives you even more flexibility to create what you want.

That’s pretty great news on its own, but we’ve also made authoring in Rise even faster by making a few tweaks to simplify your workflow. Let’s take a closer look at these nifty new workflow enhancements in Rise.

Adding Content to New Lessons

With prebuilt lesson types now available as blocks, you can mix and match labeled graphics, process interactions, timelines, and sorting activities with text, images, buttons, and other block types.

When you add a lesson to your Rise project, you’ll see that the lesson selector now prompts you to “Add Content” and then choose a lesson or a quiz.

New Lesson Selector in Rise

If you choose “quiz,” the experience is exactly the same as it’s always been. But when you choose “lesson,” you’ll now see the cool new blocks shortcut bar right at the top of your new lesson. The shortcut bar gives you quick access to the most commonly used block types.

Blocks shortcut bar in Rise

Just click on any of the commonly used block types on the shortcut bar to add them to your lesson. I love that the blocks shortcut bar travels with you, staying below the blocks you’ve already stacked. This makes adding blocks to your Rise lessons even faster and more fluid.

Shortcut bar moves with you as you build

And when you want to access all of the block types, just click All Blocks to open up the full blocks library in the sidebar. Scroll through your options and just click on a block to add it to your lesson.

Rise All Blocks

If you need to add a new block between existing blocks in your lesson, just click the insert block icon (the plus sign) to open up the blocks library.

Turning Existing Prebuilt Lessons into Blocks

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already created a ton of Rise courses full of prebuilt lesson types. And if you’ve built your courses with these stand-alone prebuilt lessons, you can keep them just as they are now, or give them a quick refresh by converting them into blocks. Here’s how:

  • Click to edit your prebuilt lesson and you’ll see the “Convert to block” button in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the “Preview” button.

Conver to Block

  • Clicking this button will change your lesson into a block. That’s all there is to it!

Now, if you want, you can add more blocks to the lesson, or save it as a blocks template so you can combine it with other blocks. If you save it as a template, you can share it with everyone on your Articulate 360 Teams plan, too. Or you can just leave it as is. Flexibility for the win!

More Resources

Rise is an ever-evolving authoring app. We’re always adding features and enhancements to make course creation faster and easier. But one thing remains the same: When you need to get a beautiful, fully responsive course out the door fast, Rise is your best bet. I’m so excited for these changes, and can’t wait for you to see what’s next on the horizon!

To see these cool new updates to Rise, don’t miss the following video that walks you through all the goodies.

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