Three Ideas for Enhancing Rise Courses Using the Storyline BlockArticulate 360 is all about giving you every tool you need for creating great e-learning. Sometimes you need a course with custom interactivity built from the ground up in Storyline 360; other times you need a responsive, gorgeous course you can build quickly. In that case, Rise 360 is ideal.

But what if you want to quickly build a Rise 360 course that includes custom interactivity?

Well, that’s when you use the Storyline block in Rise 360! Check out this quick video for a demo.

To help you unlock the creative possibilities of this feature, I’ve come up with three ways you can enhance your Rise 360 courses with custom Storyline 360 interactions.

1. Embrace Micro-Learning

Micro-learning is more than everyone’s favorite industry buzzword. It’s an approach to e-learning that appeals to pros who’ve recognized that their learners need shorter bursts of learning content they can easily digest and apply to their jobs. And it’s a logical progression for training teams who’ve found that their learners are just too busy to take countless hours of lengthy e-learning courses.

One way to use Storyline blocks in Rise 360 is to add more opportunities for learners to interact with data and quickly apply concepts. For instance, a cool thermostat dial from Nicole Legault gives learners a concrete way to experience the outcomes of their choices, making it the perfect interaction for a Rise 360 micro-learning course on energy efficiency.

2. Make Your Compliance Training Stick

Compliance training is tricky. Learners must take these courses to demonstrate to regulators that they’re complying with the law, but these courses are infamously dull and uninspiring. Even worse, the moment your learners pass the quiz at the end of a compliance course, the most critical information seems to vanish from their memory.

How can you help make sure they retain the most valuable morsels of wisdom? One way is to follow up on their training with some targeted reinforcement activities. Take, for example, this safe lifting slider interaction. Something like this could be a great addition to a quick Rise 360 micro-learning course on workplace safety. Mini-courses full of meaningful interactions are a great way to make important compliance topics a little more memorable to busy learners.

3. Create Quick Refresher Training

When you’re training learners on multi-step processes or complex topics, it can be a lot for folks to absorb at once. That’s where refresher training later on can help learners reconnect with their knowledge.

With the Storyline block in Rise 360, I can take things like this custom drag-and-drop table setting activity from David Anderson and add it right into a Rise 360 refresher course learners can take on the job and on the go from any mobile device.

In Summary

Seeing some new possibilities for the Storyline block in Rise 360? Share your brilliant ideas with us in a comment, or drop by the Building Better Courses forum and strike up a conversation with our community members. We always love to hear from you!

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Trina Rimmer
Katja Lehmann