Using Video for Quiz Feedback in Storyline

Adding a quiz to your e-learning course is one way to see how well learners understood, and can apply, what you’ve taught them. Quizzes can also give learners the chance to evaluate their own performance and to safely learn from their mistakes when the stakes are a lot lower.

The way they learn is through feedback. By telling learners what they did right or wrong and why, you can ensure that your quizzes provide folks with more substance than just a simple “Correct” and “Incorrect” response. And one great way to add substance and engagement is through the use of video.

Not sure how to make video work for quiz feedback? Here are two easy ideas to try in Storyline.

Add a Video to a Feedback Layer

Want folks to see video feedback on their individual answers? Here are three easy-to-follow steps for adding a video to a question feedback layer in Storyline.

  1. Once you’ve inserted your question slides, click on the View menu tab and select “Feedback Master.”

    View Feedback Master in Storyline
    This action allows you access the feedback layouts, just like you would a slide master layout.
  2. Scroll down until you find the feedback layouts for Correct and Incorrect feedback. You’ll want to adjust the position and color of the text on each of these layouts so they stand out from the video you’ll be inserting in the next step.

    Pro Tip: You may notice that the layouts all look very similar. Mousing over each layout in the Feedback master will show you which is which!

    Click the “Close Master View” button when you’re done to return to your slides.

    Closing the Feedback Master in Storyline
  3. On the question slide, you can click on the correct and incorrect feedback layers to customize the feedback text. Then, click the Insert menu option and select “Video” from the Media grouping to insert your video. If you have video saved to your computer (like I did), just select “Video from File” from the resulting drop-down to insert it on the appropriate layer.

    Options for Inserting Video into a Storyline project

Pro Tip: If you’re embedding video from a hosting site like Vimeo or Wistia, for instance, you can select “Video from website.” And, if you’d like to provide learners with video feedback straight from you, select “Record webcam.”

Now you can reposition the video, resizing and sending it behind the text just as you would any drawing object in Storyline. You can also do some more fine-tuning, like specifying if the video should play automatically or when the user clicks on it. You can even trim and crop your video by clicking “Edit Video” under the Video Options grouping. 

Jazz Up the Quiz Results Slide

Adding video to question feedback layers is great for giving learners feedback on their responses to individual questions, but what if you want learners to use video to give them feedback on their overall quiz performance? Storyline gives you lots of flexibility here, too.

For instance, if you want to insert one video that delivers the same message regardless of how they performed on the quiz, you can simply follow step #3, above, to insert a video on the Result slide base layer. Here’s a quick Peek video that walks you through how it’s done.

And if you’d prefer to show different videos for folks who pass or fail the quiz, head over to the feedback layers on your newly inserted Results slide layout. These layers are labeled Success and Failure by default. Simply follow step #3 from above to insert the appropriate video on each layer.

Pro Tip: For both of these methods, having video feedback makes a lot more sense when you’re already using video to set up the quiz questions. For some more ideas on using video in quizzes, check out this article.

Pretty easy, right? Using videos to deliver feedback in your quizzes is a quick and effective way to keep learners engaged and to equip them for learning success. Are you using video with quizzes? Share your creative ideas and lessons learned in a comment below. And we’d love for you to follow us on Twitter, where we post the latest and greatest news about everything e-learning.

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