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Melanie F
Melanie F started a new discussion Saving user feedback from quiz/survey question
"We are designing a compliance course and want to provide a 'survey' type question in which employees can list any known violati..."
  • almost 5 years ago07/16/15 at 8:27 pm (UTC)
"1. Create your own HTML file with anything you like--graphics, text, etc. 2. Save it with the file name "goodbye.html" and be sure to ke..."
  • 5 years ago04/27/15 at 9:26 pm (UTC)
"I cannot share that particular story file-- proprietary info within. However, I can setup a quick one slide story to demonstrate. To who..."
  • 5 years ago04/14/15 at 4:16 pm (UTC)
"I'm having a similar hover issue. I have a secondary layer on which there are two buttons. I want to hover over one button to show a laye..."
  • 5 years ago04/13/15 at 4:55 pm (UTC)
"I've had some luck with changing my monitor settings. I was able to at least find a setting that provided enough contrast to see what's h..."
  • over 5 years ago01/07/15 at 8:58 pm (UTC)
Melanie F commented on the e‑learning example Storyline 2: Catch the Bicycle Thief
"Lovely work... but just one problem I encountered-- after correctly solving the mystery and given the option to provide motive, there's n..."
  • over 5 years ago12/29/14 at 9:27 pm (UTC)
Melanie F replied to the discussion Restricted Navigation
"this works great! cheers!!! hopefully Articulate is considering a feature request in UI to provide option to manage logic behind the "res..."
  • over 5 years ago11/12/14 at 7:42 pm (UTC)
"Okay, so this is different than SL1-- and a real bummer because we have a number of legacy courses we need to update. Once I pull those c..."
  • over 5 years ago11/10/14 at 7:56 pm (UTC)
Melanie F started a new discussion Next button not working in Storyline2
"I've imported a course we originally created in Storyline1. The course has locked navigation to prevent students from skipping ahead and ..."
  • over 5 years ago11/04/14 at 10:43 pm (UTC)
Melanie F replied to the discussion SL2 new theme?
"Unhappy with the new UI. Has made the transition to v2 an unpleasant experience."
  • over 5 years ago10/28/14 at 4:49 pm (UTC)
"I concur with all of the above.  And I think it's a show stopper in terms of getting folks to upgrade. Wish I'd have stayed w/ V1 :("
  • over 5 years ago10/28/14 at 4:47 pm (UTC)
"Thanks for the update. Last question: when do you anticipate the next software update for Presenter?"
  • almost 6 years ago08/19/14 at 8:16 am (UTC)
"Hi, my manager and I just upgraded to latest version of Studio '13. We work in different locations and with completely different systems/..."
  • almost 6 years ago07/28/14 at 11:14 am (UTC)
Melanie F started a new discussion Survey Results without LMS?
"Hi, is it possible to publish a Storyline course of survey questions to web format, and then be able to receive the survey results in som..."
  • 6 years ago05/05/14 at 12:53 pm (UTC)
Melanie F started a new discussion Customizing Menu to make visited slides more visible
"Hi, my users would like to see a check mark appear adjacent to the slides they've completed in a course. Instead of creating a customized..."
  • 6 years ago04/10/14 at 11:21 am (UTC)
"Hi, I have a compliance course, with quiz, that I want to lock down on the first pass at the course--meaning I want to require students t..."
  • over 6 years ago01/30/14 at 2:23 pm (UTC)
Melanie F started a new discussion Review apps for Storyline?
"Does anyone know if there's a review app Storyline courses-- similar to the sticky notes that reviewers can post on a PDF? We're looking ..."
  • over 6 years ago01/27/14 at 1:25 pm (UTC)
Melanie F replied to the discussion Storyline Trigger Panel not showing
"prob solved; cheers!"
  • over 6 years ago01/14/14 at 9:44 am (UTC)
Melanie F started a new discussion Storyline Trigger Panel not showing
"Hi, I inserted a trigger on a slide for the Storyline default Next button. Then I saved and closed the trigger. Now I want to edit that t..."
  • over 6 years ago01/13/14 at 11:43 am (UTC)
Melanie F started a new discussion Storyline Quiz Properties
"I'm looking for the Quiz Properties in Storyline so that I can set the passing scrore, adjust points awarded for questions, etc. I'm accu..."
  • over 6 years ago11/12/13 at 10:23 am (UTC)
"After clicking the Finish button, the text "The content has ended. You may close this window" is displayed. I'd like to edit this text wi..."
  • over 6 years ago11/05/13 at 2:17 pm (UTC)
"Hi, I've customized my Storyline player with colors and menu settings. But every time I make a change to the course, I have to return to ..."
  • over 6 years ago09/30/13 at 3:06 pm (UTC)
Melanie F started a new discussion SCORM files and the LMS
"We want to purchase Storyline but there's one critical 'feature' we're hoping that can be supported: with our current ID tool, we create ..."
  • almost 7 years ago08/20/13 at 11:19 am (UTC)
Melanie F started a new discussion Course Certificate without Storyline?
"Is there any way to produce a certificate after a user successfully passes a quiz that we've created in Quizmaker? I've read the feed on ..."
  • 7 years ago04/29/13 at 12:49 pm (UTC)
"Brilliant work-around. Thanks!!!"
  • 7 years ago04/29/13 at 12:29 pm (UTC)