Flash Player 16 Issue

Dec 09, 2014

Hi Everyone, 

Adobe released Adobe Flash Player 16 on December 9, 2014 and, as a result, Articulate Storyline won’t open. Published content isn’t impacted.

We’re working fast and furiously to fix the issue and will release updates for Storyline 1 and Storyline 2 as soon as humanly possible.

Stay tuned,

Brian Gil

Head of Product Operations


*UPDATE* The issue has been resolved for Storyline 2 and Storyline 1. Please upgrade to the latest version of Storyline 2 or Storyline 1 as appropriate. Updates for other products are in progress.

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Paul Foreman

I'm not sure if this ties in however, I am using Studio '13 in a Windows 8.1 box and I've installed all the updates (Microsoft, adobe and Articulate) and have almost everything working again.  One issue is I can't use Audio Editor - it will cause PowerPoint to freeze up and it crashes when it loads.  The only way out is to shut it all down and reboot.  I can "edit" audio and record using the "Record Narration" feature but I can't use the editor for anything.

Paul -

Tonya VanGemert

Just an FYI for those who are using Storyline 1 and looking for the fix. Don't click the link in the message content above for uninstalling Flash Player 16. It takes you to the Storyline 2 fix.  Maybe I just haven't had enough coffee this morning, but I clicked the link (thinking it would take me to the Flash Player 15 installation) and was delighted to see that it took me to the Storyline fix. Still in my morning haze, I didn't notice that the download is for version 2.

Perhaps the powers that be could put both downloads on the same page so the user sees they need to determine the version they're running before they click the button to download? Just a thought.

Paul Foreman

Go figure - just tried it again this morning and it seems to now be working.  It acts "funny" when in use but at least it is loading ok now. 

As for "funny" - when I delete the audio from a slide (it's being replaced with a video/sound clip) it isn't displayed in the tool as if it's gone. The lines indicating the sound stay there.  It also seems to delete sometimes but isn't reliable. 

John Love

Hello Brian, and all. Thanks for the update.

I've read all these posts, and while they're helpful, I can't make any of the changes others have made. In my organization I don't have the permissions to uninstall Windows updates or downgrade my Flash Player, nor do I really want to, given all the complications some of you have had. So it seems that I'm pretty stuck waiting for updates.

I hope the updates for Studio '13 (Engage, Presenter, and Quizmaker) are available soon. I'm running Windows 7, and have Flash 16, I can't even open any of these programs, nor work on any existing files. They won't open at all; I've attached the error message I'm getting. I hope Articulate can update these programs soon! I can't work right now. Thanks.

Anne England

Hi all

I received the Flash error message like everyone else, and I fixed the issue with an SL2 update. However, I've just tried to import questions into SL2 from a Quizmaker 09 file (as part of a necessary conversion project for a client), and got the following Flash error message (headed Quizmaker 13 for some reason!!) but referring to Storyline:

I'm able to open Quizmaker independently. So I'm puzzled about this message - and obviously it's causing me issues with the project!



Anne England

Yes - it's # 00450241

I'm afraid the support team member who replied very promptly didn't read or didn't understand the notes I wrote in the submission, and simply sent me a link to the message about the upgrade in December. I've already upgraded SL2 and it's been working; the issue has arisen on import from Quizmaker. I've replied to her, anyway.

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