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Justin Grenier

Good Morning Tobias, and welcome to Heroes!

The ability to export and import Rise content for localization is definitely on our roadmap!  Our ETA on this is still fluid, and you can keep an eye on our What's New, What's Next page for updates.  Collaborative authoring and Tin Can support are next on the docket for Rise.

Bob Ossewaarde

My 30 day trial with RISE ended today. What a wild journey! Obsession would be a good word for it. I was able to kick out week 1 lessons for 28 high school courses (some are little more than a shell). My thought has been to provide an interactive "Cliff Note" style that shows well on all devices. It worked! I will be showing the demos to as many teachers as I can while trying to come up with some money for Articulate. I was able to export everything to my laptop, and the courses are still on Articulate for viewing, just like Articulate said they would be.

Ashley Terwilliger

So glad to hear you enjoyed Rise, Art and hope you'll be able to get back up and running with it soon! If you have any other questions you can always reach out to us here in the E-Learning Heroes community forums or feel free to message our Support Team here. 

If you're able to share any of your demos, we always love to take a look at what folks have created in Rise as well! Lots of incredibly creative folks here! 

Bob Ossewaarde

Sadly, free trial is over and have no funding, just wild ideas. Could you extend trial period for me? I think that I could be a good customer and have worked my tail off in an attempt to produce “Cliff Note” equivalents in RISE for a Christian high school curriculum company.

This is what I threw together in 30 days and I would be happy to have you look at them, keeping in mind that they are roughly done:

BIBLE DOCTRINES <https://rise.articulate.com/share/jznJV3vB4zTc8-8a#/?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Art,

I  wish I could - but trial extensions are outside my area! If it's something that you want to discuss with our Success team they can help figure out what options are available to you. 

Looks great for a Cliff notes set up of the curriculum, and glad you'll be able to share those with folks as you wait for some funding!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! 

Our team is investigating how this feature would look after hearing this question a few times after the launch of  Rise and Articulate 360. It's on the roadmap, but no set timeline for when that may be available - so we'll keep you posted here in the Community and as a part of our What's New, What's Coming page. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steven,

Rise employs many modern web standards for accessibility, and we've got some additional accessibility improvements that are currently in development. Once we've got a better idea of a timeframe around the release of those, we'll provide some more detail in the Community and on our What's New, What's coming page. 

For Storyline we have our section 508 and WCAG support and guidelines noted here. 

Hope that helps!

Jennifer Matranga

Thanks Ashley

As I cannot yet take a storyline 2 quiz and place in Rise, I am working in RIse with the Knowledge tab in blocks. Am I missing something more for quiz production in Rise? Becasue at the end I want to export and track students with quiz and its not recongnizing the Knowlede quesiotns as a quiz?

thanks Jenn

mike mcdonald

Hi Jennifer. How about considering keeping your quiz where it is, in a published SL2; and use Rise to do the knowledge element, which includes an intro. to the quiz and a hyperlink/location to click on.

Then you don't have to email your quiz, and can easily point people to it from Rise.

I'm doing that very thing right now....




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Suzie,

You could use the options within the Lesson type for URL/Embed to link to those documents hosted outside of Rise. There is also a Block type to embed content, and you'll see that shown on the page within Rise and then the user will be brought to a new browser window for any URLs (videos embedded can be viewed in the page). 

Our team is also evaluating a feature for Attachments (likely a Block type) so that you could upload those into Rise and provide a way for users to access those additional resources. I don't have an ETA on that feature yet - but we'll keep you posted! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marty,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing the behavior you're seeing. I wanted to first confirm that you're authoring and then exporting the course from one of the supported browsers here (IE11 isn't one of them). If you're using those browsers and still running into difficulty when viewing the content are you able to share a copy of the exported Rise course with us and a link to where you were hosting it so that we can give it a test as well? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kim

Currently there isn't a way to change the author in Rise, but we're working on a collaborators feature. It will allow you to share, co-author, and edit a Rise course with another user, even if that individual is outside of your 360 Teams account.  So that would be the way in which you could share it with your Employer or a colleague. This feature should  be rolled out to you in Q1 '17, so stay tuned! 

suzie wells

HI Ashley

Thanks for your reply. I did end up using the block sestions in Rise and the embedded URL link. The platform we use for an LMS is Moodle, so I was hoping to get away from that and have a visually easier discussion board to use. I know someone else suggested Padlet, but I must admit the institution I am working with does not like to add too many 3rd party tools to the learning environment.