Everything we know about Cornerstone on Demand and Storyline!

Sep 04, 2013

I thought I would start a thread about Cornerstone on Demand so there's a central place for people to read and add to. There seems to be a dearth of information about how CSOD and Storyline interact with each other as well as the unresolved issues surrounding it. I've spent many hours scouring the web and speaking with Cornerstone trying to find a solution. Hopefully this thread will serve as a resource for others going forward.

On a side note, I love Articulate Storyline. I started with Adobe Captivate with limited success. It was a very steep learning curve, but I was able to get some basic functionality out of it. I tested out Storyline with it's 30 day trial, and I will say that time-to-effectiveness was drastically reduced. It really IS like using powerpoint. Granted there is less complex functionality and interactions available than Captivate, but so far it's given me everything I've needed to use. The benefit is that the learning curve is much less steep too. Think of it as the difference between iMovie and Final Cut Pro. The latter can do some crazy effects, but the former gives you 90% of what you need and can get you comfortable in 1/4 of the time.

It's nice to have a properly-working content creation tool when you're in an LMS like Cornerstone. I have enough trouble in CSOD as it is.

So some of the nuggets of wisdom that I've found are :

  • Cornerstone does not track SCORM 1.2 content properly. You cannot pull a lot of the reports if they are not in SCORM 2004 format. You don't have the option to select that course in the reports.
  • If you export into SCORM 2004, there will be an extra section on the left with text links to the module. This takes up 30% of the screen, and on smaller laptop screens may crowd out the module window. Cornerstone says this is a Storyline exporting settings issue. I couldn't find any settings that shows/hides that section. The workaround is to resize the module to the screen, which doesn't get rid of the section, but at least fits the module.
  • When reporting, you can get the completion status for a course based on quiz result or last slide viewed. You can also get a final grade for course. Storyline passes the results information for each question (including short answer) but you cannot pull a list of the answers for an individual. Therefore, it may not be advisable to administer any testing where you'll need to review individual answers
  • You can get a list of aggregate answers for a module. e.g. I can see how 100 employees answered this multiple choice question. This is helpful to determine if learners are absorbing the course information correctly.
  • Web objects (such as websites, or links to sharepoint documents) work in modules if your IT has added csod.com to the trusted sites
  • Popup windows that open up the articulate module in CSOD will work if you add csod.com to the allowed list for popup blockers. Your IT dept can also add this to everyone's computer. Otherwise when learners click the "launch" button, the module does not show up.

I'll post more as I think or find them, but feel free to add to this list!

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Tina Moreno

Thank you Phil. We do get a completion and a score with a quiz but modules without a quiz we are getting a score of 0%. We do have CSOD is looking into it but they do not have an answer regarding why the certificate is not showing 100% when the completion is based on viewing 100% of the slides.

Carrie Ann Desnoyers

Hi Tina,

When you track completion using # of slides, you do not receive a score (such as 100%). One of my client's uses CSOD, and I have developed a workaround for courses that do not have a quiz.  I create a 'quiz' of one question at the very end of the course that has the learner click a checkbox stating that they have reviewed the material in the course. I set that checkmark as the correct answer, and then send those results to the LMS. As long as the learner checks the box  - the LMS will receive a score of 100%. 

Tina Moreno

Thank you! That is what my recommendation has been up to this point. It works great. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees and we have been looking for a way to do it like one with a quiz without having a quiz. (o_O). We are now having the conversation as to whether we want a certificate for online mods or just have them run a transcript report.

Ryan Brown

If you do not intend to do a quiz then you should report to CSOD as Complete/Incomplete. The Transcript Status will show Complete upon viewing all slides in Cornerstone. The score may reflect a 0 but there is no SCORM quiz data feeding back and so that seems appropriate. Perhaps look at changing your Reporting 2.0 field to Transcript Status in any CSOD Completion Reports you are running.

Steve Flowers

I've added a Javascript trigger to pass in the score when needed. Off the top of my head:




I don't remember which of the two last lines are best. If you try it and these don't work, lmk and I'll get in and test/confirm/update.


Will Findlay

Is anyone now exporting from Storyline as xAPI (instead of SCORM) and then importing to Cornerstone? [1]

I tried this a few years ago, and I remember there was something not quite right about the sizing of the iFrame holding the course (I think it was showing scroll bars). Maybe that's been resolved since then. 

If you are (or have even tried doing this), what are the advantages/disadvantages?

[1] xAPI Package Support - Overview (csod.com)

Mary Gutwein

Hi Will! Yes, I've exported to the xAPI format and uploaded to CSOD. They have an xAPI Statement Viewer (must be turned on by CSOD) for you to view the results. However, we've found that the xAPI Statement Viewer has a lot of limitations - from a limit of the number of statements to export to not recognizing all of the verbs to duplicating the statements when you filter. We are looking into other solutions for xAPI data. 

Yvonne  Dougherty

Starting within the last month, my courses are not showing "in progress" results (scores) in CSOD or the SCORM Cloud. They do show results (scores) when they are completed. The courses I uploaded the previous month worked fine. I believe I updated Storyline between those courses. I used the same template for all of these courses, the ones that work and the ones that don't. 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Yvonne,

Happy to help!

Good call on testing in SCORM Cloud. This confirms that the behavior you're experiencing isn't isolated to a single LMS which helps us out a lot! I'd like to ask a few questions to help clarify your experience:

  • You mentioned that you are no longer seeing the "in progress" status for your course. What message has replaced this status in your LMS and in SCORM Cloud? 
  • Have you tried downgrading your Storyline 360 installation to a previous version to see if this restores the "in progress" status for the course? Try choosing a version that was released before last month for this.
  • Did you test using other learning standards for your course? For example, if you were publishing using SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 1st or 2nd edition, have you tried using 3rd or 4th edition for the course? Learning standards report completion statuses differently depending on the version used, so you might find it helpful to test other editions as well. 

Looking forward to your response!

Yvonne  Dougherty

Thank you so much for getting back to me.

In answer to your first question, CSOD still reports it as "In progress," it just doesn't display the current score. The SCORM Cloud lists the Completion as incomplete (we do have it set to complete/incomplete), Success as unknown (which it typically does for our other courses), and Score as unknown (usually displays the score).

I tried downgrading our Storyline installation, and this did not make a difference. It still does not show the In Progress score. I tried this in the 7/7/2023 version and the 5/30/2023 version.

I always publish using SCORM 2004 4th ed. We have not had luck with the SCORM 1.2 or other editions of SCORM 2004, as they weren't providing everything we needed our courses to do reporting-wise.



Jose Tansengco

Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for the additional information. Storyline 360 doesn't communicate partial completion score to the LMS if this is what you are referring to. By this, I mean learners will not see 50% in the LMS if they are at the midpoint of the course. Do you have a screenshot that you can share with us of what reporting looked like for you before so we can take a closer look?

Also, your contact information came through as well. This Peek video will show you how to edit it out if you’d like!

Yvonne  Dougherty

Thanks, Joe. Slipped my mind that my email includes that.

For the most part, we have always been able to show In Progress scores. We did have an issue a few years ago, but we just had to tweak our results pages. I've attached screenshots of the training details page of what we typically see.

Maura Sullivan

Was this a recent update in Cornerstone? I'm just trying to figure out if this is a new hiccup we should expect. Our Pilot area is being updated on 10/10.

We've always been able to see the scores for learners who are "In Progress" (i.e. didin't get a high enough score to be "Complete" in the past). We're using SCORM 2004 3rd Edition.

Looking forward to hearing more details in case we get hit by the same thing.

Shevi Yuval

Hi. I have a game that is built in storyline 360, at the end of which I want to transfer 2 numerical data to Cornerstone LMS. These two numbers are from two variables; I prepared for each a Numeric entry slide based on the "how many" question, followed by a slide of the results of these two questions. How do I best publish this project to Cornerstone so I can find this data in the reports? I understood that xAPI is not a good option. Which of the scrom versions will be the best? How do I find this data in Reporting 2.0? Thanks!

Shevi Yuval

Barry, can you please share which Scrom 2004 addition you used? And what was the name of the question field inside Reporting 2.0? Is it "question 1" and/or "question 2"? I have 2 questions in a result slide and I copied their data (numbers) into variables. Should I look for questions 1 or 2, or will they appear as the variable names? Thanks