Preview not working in Storyline 2


The preview functionality suddenly stopped working. It was working in the morning but suddenly the preview of all existing/new storyline projects show show a blank slide, irrespective of whether I preview a slide, scene, or project. Also the audio play function/preview is not working. Attached is a screenshot of what happens when I preview a slide. Also I have reinstalled Storyline 2 as well as flash player. Would be great if you could help.




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Mike Jones

Hi Phoebe,

I am running Windows 10 as well, and can verify that the only way to fix the issue at the moment is to uninstall the latest Windows Security Update. Also, be sure to disable automatic updates from installing until there is a more permanent solution from Adobe or Articulate.

Mike Jones

Is this happening with an existing course, or is it a file that you've created since experiencing the issue?

In either case, I'd suggest importing a slide that contains audio from the affected file into a new project. If the audio works in the new file, your existing course may have corrupted, but you should be able to import the rest of your content without losing progress.

If the audio still doesn't play at that point, you may have another issue with your Storyline Installation. I'd defer to Articulate Support at that point.

I had audio issues a while ago on another project, that was completely unrelated to this Flash issue, and the only fix was to do a fresh install. But I hope the importing into a new file does the trick for you!

Edward Eckenstein

For all those on Windows 8/10 that are rolling back to the earlier Flash version, I'd caution not to use Internet Explorer to surf the Web. By rolling back, you remove the recent Flash security fixes and increase the chance of becoming infected with Malware.

Two options if you manage your own PC or your IT staff will allow it:

#1 (best option until patch available) Use Google’s Chrome browser to surf the Web. It uses the latest Flash version embedded so its safer to use. Chrome's Flash is a separate installation than the one for Internet Explorer Flash and should not interfere with Storyline.

#2 If Chrome is not an option, install Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. It is designed to stop many types Flash based Malware that anti-virus won’t.  (Like antivirus there are no guarantees – patching is always the best option).  There’s even a free version so no harm in trying it out.

Josephine Ferguson

I have removed the buggy flash; I've 'hidden' it so that Microsoft doesn't auto update it.

I've rebooted.  I still do not have preview.... plus - I'm confused because:

- References to flash versions on this forum seem to be different than on Adobe's 'archive' page and I don't know what to reinstall
- I don't think I have any flash versions installed
- I'm concerned now that I've exposed myself to security risk
- I'm doing this on my pc at home and don't have any IT support on my home computer, which is running windows 10

Could someone please advise what I need to reinstall with the name as it is listed on the adobe site please?

Edward Eckenstein


The official instructions from Articulate support can be found here:

I'm not sure what Flash version it should be but you should wind up with a version prior to Flash

Your right to be concerned as rolling back to the earlier version does undo the Flash security fixes. See my post from earlier today for some options to be more secure while surfing the Web. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Thanks for the continued assistance for those in this thread that have still had issues once reverting the Flash versions. If you've followed the steps in the article here, please also feel free to reach out to our Support team directly here as they'll be able to help double check that you've gone through all the steps mentioned and if it's still not working help you troubleshoot any other potential issues. 

We're continuing to monitor the Adobe and Windows updates in regards to Win 8 and 10 for additional information and hope to see an update soon. If you're using Win 7 please note the directions for fixing that with the latest Flash version for Win 7 are included in this article. 

Mike Jones

Hi Josephine,

My understanding is that the Adobe website versions/resources do not apply to Windows 8 or Windows 10 users--which definitely isn't clear on their site.

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft included Flash as a part of the OS for Internet Explorer/Edge--those updates can only come from Microsoft in terms of a Windows Update. The stuff that I've found on Adobe appear to only be the standalone versions of Flash Player, which won't fix the issue on Windows 8/10.

Once we uninstall and hide the suspect Windows Update, all we can do is wait for Microsoft to push the updated version from Adobe. Not the best solution in terms of the security patch, but avoiding IE/Edge and using Chrome in the meantime will help mitigate the risk.

If I'm wrong with any of this, someone please speak up and let me know!