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Ken Flieger
Please, oh please add the FREEBACK and number script tag to the home page of each course also. (see image) I hate opening 10+ courses a day to see if there are any cha...
3 minutes ago
By Ken Flieger
Christiana Davis
cmi.core.lesson_status. This type of data has the following options: "not attempted", "browsed", "passed", "completed", "failed", "incomplete" and is used to determine...
31 minutes ago
By Christiana Davis
Ann Blissitt
I have a presentation where I need all slides to repeat narration if user wants to listen to content more than once. However, I have some slides that do now all narrat...
3 hours ago
By Ann Blissitt
Brian Mural
I have created a freeform "Pick One" that is supposed to act as a drag and drop since the order of the steps or actions is not important. When I preview th...
3 hours ago
By Brian Mural
Ayse Sahin
Hello, I have integrated Javascript into my storyline (and one line into "story.html). It works when I open it locally (once it's been scormed and I click on story.htm...
4 hours ago
By Ayse Sahin
mounika kurupati
when i am going to open desktop app of articulate ,one error popup is appearing "unable to open a port for authentication response" and please help me to solve out thi...
9 hours ago
By mounika kurupati
Steve G
Hello - We have a SL360 course hosted on a 3rd party LMS. The LMS is designed to end any user session after 30 minutes of inactivity. Right now, we're gett...
22 hours ago
By Steve G
Eunice Gillan
I have a glitch in my custom-built quiz assessment that I can't work out. The quiz is made up of 3 question banks: a true/false question bank, a multiple-choice questi...
24 hours ago
By Eunice Gillan
Alison Coops
I have a course that I inherited with 13 scenes. I imported another scene to get the template and after completing the conversion to the new template I deleted the sce...
1 day ago
By Alison Coops
Lauren Ackley
I have a series of slides that are lightboxed together. I want a slide count for those slides out of the total, but I don't want those slides counted towards my course...
1 day ago
By Lauren Ackley
Tyler Braddick
Enabling Custom Scripts in SharePoint Online Custom scripts are now disabled in SharePoint Online for security reasons by default. As a result, Articulate content with...
4 days ago
By Tyler Braddick
Shraddha Manjrekar
Hello everyone, Can we change or apply a background image on the modern player by using javascript. Any suggestion?
5 days ago
By Shraddha Manjrekar
Becky Goldberg
I'm building a project where people need to complete X number of activities in a particular category to complete that category, and I'm tracking that with xAPI. I want...
8 days ago
By Becky Goldberg
poste capsule
Hi, As i worked on both programm to create e-learning content (Studio 360-prensenter & Storyline 360) I want to have the same launch page of my module. My debut wa...
8 days ago
By poste capsule
Alice Bingham
Happy Friday to you all! I wonder if anyone can advise - I'm looking at putting a module together using Storyline for a course. In this course, there is a mixtur...
11 days ago
By Alice Bingham
Zamdry Abu Bakar
Hi everyone, How to appear date completion in certificate.html based on learning completion (console log) from LMS? Currently, using cmi.suspend_data to collect data f...
12 days ago
By Zamdry Abu Bakar
Marcus Nielson
So I'm having a bit of an issue with this calculator simulation I'm building. I've got it working with some Javascript for the most part until someone deletes a ...
13 days ago
By Marcus Nielson
Howard Villaruel
I am trying to create a Carousel interaction, so each layer has it own set of multiple choice questions with feedback. Is this possible?
13 days ago
By Howard Villaruel
Kathie Howard
Does anyone know how to change the headings in a Print Results file? Example: I want to change the name Student Answer to Participant Answer. &n...
13 days ago
By Kathie Howard
Dawn Land
Good Day! Does anyone know if there a way to pull information from the text entry field into separate training courses? I'd like to pull the information the lean...
15 days ago
By Dawn Land