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Alan Keel
Hi all, I'm trying to: Change state of X object to 'hidden' IF user clicks Y object OR Z object. The new trigger area doesn't seem to allow this set of conditions, or ...
5 minutes ago
By Alan Keel
Jay Cooper
I'm having an issue with the attached .story file. FYI...I've removed content not related to the problem, two buttons and corresponding layers, so that's why the...
3 hours ago
By Jay Cooper
Emilios Papas
Hi everybody. I just created a portfolio using Storyline. I published as Web and since I used the Modern Player I published in HTML 5. The entire size of the project i...
4 hours ago
By Emilios Papas
Sherry Rose
When working in an SL3 file with lots of animation and matching audio the playback in Preview works perfectly. When publishing to CD the animation is super slow ...
5 hours ago
By Sherry Rose
John Glasgow
Hi, I recorded a simulation in Storyline 3 using the 'Try out' mode and it worked reasonably well creating 127 slides, however it failed to produce any audio fil...
7 hours ago
By John Glasgow
Russ Lickteig
Hi....I have successfully added a Scroll Panel to my project with some text. When I view it while working I can see a top and bottom button as you would suspect. ...
7 hours ago
By Russ Lickteig
Arthur LeBeau
I am Newby and seeking a little guidance. Currently, I have built a course and constructed it with a certificate slide at the end of my course that can only be accesse...
7 hours ago
By Arthur LeBeau
Tracy Windsor
I have several courses (getting ready for the Flash to go away) that were created in Articulate. I'm importing those courses into Storyline 360 (no issues). These cour...
7 hours ago
By Tracy Windsor
Eric Godallier
Hello I have a problem opening old StoryLine documents (1 year). The line spacing of all my texts has changed. Do you know why and how to make this not happen. Thank y...
8 hours ago
By Eric Godallier
Stephanie Kuehl
I found where I can change the pointer style and switch between none/single/double clicks however I do not see an option to adjust the volume of the click sound that p...
8 hours ago
By Stephanie Kuehl
Astrid Mundschau
Hi Everybody, we have an issue with the „cmi.core.score.raw“. In every test on the LMS (SCORM 1.2), the variable contains the absolute value in relation to the maximum...
9 hours ago
By Astrid Mundschau
Divesh Mishra
I have created an Input entry file in Storyline360, there is a peculiar issue that we are facing. When we enter the value and reset the input entry box and...
9 hours ago
By Divesh Mishra
Robyn Wilson
Hi I'm starting to capture some SAP screens. I have two issues: I am unable to capture the full SAP screen regardless of the settings I set; and I am unable to c...
10 hours ago
By Robyn Wilson
Vincent Marc
Bonjour à tous, Je travaille sur articulate storyline 3 et j'aimerais que dès lors que l'utilisateur clic sur un bouton, il y ai un petit bruit de clic. Mais je ...
13 hours ago
By Vincent Marc
Karthikeyan Murugesan
Hi Simon, I was used the accessibility tab ordering in our course with the latest version of storyline 3 and publishing it on storyline 360 v3.42.22792.0 - tried...
13 hours ago
By Karthikeyan Murugesan
Eric Lambert
We use Artculates 360 for 9 users in stand alone mode, installation on PC. Is it worth upgrading to a cloud version? Is the price of the licences advantageous? Advanta...
14 hours ago
By Eric Lambert
claire li
Hi, I met a problem that when I draw 10 questions from 20 questions. It always flashes 11/10 when I finished the 10th question. I use %Scene.SlideNumber...
15 hours ago
By claire li
William Beardsley
Will the ability to publish to FLASH be removed from Articulate Storyline 360 post December 2020.
19 hours ago
By William Beardsley
Anton Costin
Hi guys, I have an issue and I would like some help if possible please. I can’t explain why on a MacPro and another MacBook and windows 10 everything works fine b...
24 hours ago
By Anton Costin
Aaron Pross
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but Storyline will now allow me to review a quiz more than one time if I have Review only incorrect questions checked. When ...
1 day ago
By Aaron Pross