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Mike Olivieri
Last week we announced an exciting new batch of features for Articulate 360. And today we released one of those new features for Storyline 360: review and retry incorr...
4 hours ago
By Mike Olivieri
Lauren Parker
Hello, I'm building a course that is being used as a jump page for other courses. There are links to several other courses from the page in my file, and each one is "...
10 minutes ago
By Lauren Parker
Margo Martinez
is Articulate having issues, i am trying to open Articulate 360 and it stays stuck on the Initializing Content page. I've tried closing all browsers and open apps and ...
21 minutes ago
By Margo Martinez
Alison DeMartino
We have been publishing to Thinkific platform by using the multi-media lesson format and a link to our course in Articulate Review. This worked fine until today. Now w...
27 minutes ago
By Alison DeMartino
Christy Jones
Hi there -- The icons on the Markers aren't showing up for me; I'm simply seeing a bunch of dots (see screenshot). I've tried closing Storyline and restarting my comp...
40 minutes ago
By Christy Jones
Jennie Palermo
I'm trying to create a blended learning option with articulate 360 for our new hire orientation program. We want to have a lot of interactions built in but are struggl...
2 hours ago
By Jennie Palermo
Joshua Kamradt
I just finished importing an 80 slide PPT into Storyline 360, and while I can see each slide, text, and image on the slides when looking at them singly, if I go to the...
3 hours ago
By Joshua Kamradt
Erich Spader
I am having an issue with an Engage interaction I imported into my Storyline 3 project.  In preview mode I am able to progress to the next slide using the next button ...
3 hours ago
By Erich Spader
Corina Laufiso
Hello, I'm trying to use the eyedropper in 360, but it's not picking up the correct color I'm trying to eye drop.  For example, when I hover over orange it shows up a...
3 hours ago
By Corina Laufiso
Cristina Emberton
Can the audio track within Storyline be paused so a screenreader can be heard? I'm working on accessibility and I don't want both being heard simultaneously. 
4 hours ago
By Cristina Emberton
Beth Hicks
I'm testing a newly published module and the slide narration doesn't stop when I exit the course. If the user goes back into the course before the audio is finished, i...
4 hours ago
By Beth Hicks
Paul Desmarais
I create unit quizzes . Students need to score 80% to pass. If they fail, I want them to review the course materials, not just retake the quiz. I have a review course...
4 hours ago
By Paul Desmarais
Sara Lulloff
I have submitted my issue to Support and have received zero help in over a week. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in the lack of help. So now I'm requesting help...
4 hours ago
By Sara Lulloff
Kylee Barnard
So, I have a timed 100 question exam that is separated into different banks where there are around 150 questions to draw from in Storyline 360. We don't want the user ...
5 hours ago
By Kylee Barnard
Joyce Maurin
Hello, I have a bug with the Flash version, that does not happen with the HTML5 version. For our customer, to have the flash version available is mandatory. The score...
7 hours ago
By Joyce Maurin
Ludvig Bowallius
Hello. I am currently investigating translation possibilities for Projects created in Storyline 3. I recently got access to Amazon Web Services and it sure has a long ...
8 hours ago
By Ludvig Bowallius
Anish Kumar
hi i have integrated Java script code in my course and uploaded in sum total LMS , when i open the course in chorme it is working fine, but when i opened in IE(intern...
3 days ago
By Anish Kumar
Susan Grohman
I am currently trying to link to a youtube video from a menu created in a lightbox. The link will not work no matter what I try. I also have several pdf's that are wit...
5 days ago
By Susan Grohman
Sam Carter
Looking for a graphical display such as length of a horizontal bar that represents %complete as a learner goes through a 20 question quiz. One method that seems clunk...
6 days ago
By Sam Carter
Austin Rutledge
Hi! I've been doing a lot of investigation into how to edit the report.html file that is displayed when you "print" a results slide. I've seen how some people have cu...
7 days ago
By Austin Rutledge
Alexis Brannan
Hello and thanks for reading my first post :) I support a group of e-learning developers, and am preparing for an enterprise move from Lectora into the Articulate 360...
7 days ago
By Alexis Brannan