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Mike Olivieri
We’re so excited to share this new feature in Storyline 360: the jump-to-time trigger. Now you can create unique interactions and give learners new ways to navigate yo...
15 hours ago
By Mike Olivieri
Justin Grenier
We’re improving the Articulate 360 sign-in experience and have added a new network endpoint. If your working environment doesn’t require whitelisting endpoints or you’...
9 months ago
By Justin Grenier
Danny Rego
Hello everyone, Recently we had to reach out to a second party to help us out with some custom add-on's to our SL file. We sent them the SCORM output file and t...
2 days ago
By Danny Rego
Omar Wilkinson
Good day Community, Has anyone used the SCORM feature of Cisco's Webex Training Center? Have you used Storyline features such as question banks etc.? ...
3 days ago
By Omar Wilkinson
Johnrey Landoay
Good day, heroes! I'm new to Articulate and was checking out how to build courses with Storyline 360 and was experimenting if I can upload the course on the web using ...
5 days ago
By Johnrey Landoay
Hello, One of my client is Microsoft from Haed to toes. We have to work with sharepoint and no LMS. We produce serious games and have to send scores from storyline to ...
6 days ago
Nitin Puri
Saudi Aramco Training & Development has collaborated with John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, and expedited the following eLearning courses: 1. COVID-19 Overview 2. C...
8 days ago
By Nitin Puri
Zsolt Olah
Hi all, My article pulls the curtain to reveal the process of designing a Yes/No interactive branching game. In this game you make decisions by simply answering yes or...
9 days ago
By Zsolt Olah
Sergey Ka
Dear colleagues! Could you help me with the following situation: 1. I have made 1 page test course in AS2. Reporting: Completed /Incomplete. Tracking: viewed 1 of...
10 days ago
By Sergey Ka
Anna Eherenman
I am creating a course where the learner enters different pieces of text on several different slides. These aren't quiz questions. I want to have a button on the...
11 days ago
By Anna Eherenman
Rush Cunningham
Hello, I am developing a Storyline template for developers that would allow them to simply enter their content in the Variable pane and they will be good to go. Basica...
11 days ago
By Rush Cunningham
Kennethg Goeieman
Is there a way to track my learners progress using a TinCan published course from SL360, on my local LMS using PHP? Cause this whole time we were just depending on pus...
11 days ago
By Kennethg Goeieman
Lauren Cauley
Good afternoon E-Learning Heroes! I know this is a tad late, but I was tasked with creating an intro course on COVID-19 for our social workers. It is very basic, but I...
15 days ago
By Lauren Cauley
Astutis Articulate 3
Hi all. I discovered a bug in Storyline 360 today, which has been reported. If you have a text entry field it will stay 'on top' of any layers you have on that slide (...
15 days ago
By Astutis Articulate 3
Nancy Hemenway
I wanted to share the very quick video / storyline on the WHO handwashing technique - feel free to share if you like. Nancy
16 days ago
By Nancy Hemenway
Jasmine Yu
Hi, I am working on a project for a client where we have decided to build 2 version of our course (desktop and mobile version). We have used a code where it ...
16 days ago
By Jasmine Yu
Maura Bear
For days I found no resolve for this constant request/problem where people want to use the modern player for Storyline 360; to lock at optimal size which is not a...
18 days ago
By Maura Bear
Mark Spermon
In Storyline it’s easy to perform calculations. In this new tutorial I show you how to built a working calculator in Articulate Storyline, what the challenges are and ...
23 days ago
By Mark Spermon
Sydney Wines
Has anyone found a way to efficiently publish a module for LMS and local access? I publish Storyline 360 files as Tin Can for LMS so users can access courses from our ...
24 days ago
By Sydney Wines
Rob de Rijke
Hi there! I would like to build a "health" progress bar in Articulate. After completing a module the learner gets healthier. Ideally the progress would be showing...
25 days ago
By Rob de Rijke
Daniel Gavriliuc
Hello all! I'm a little out of work, can you suggest me some complex exercises / templates / games to create?
25 days ago
By Daniel Gavriliuc
Allycia Joseph
I understand how to create a generic memory game. But, I am looking to have the tiles shuffle around each time the game is restarted. Is there a way to do that? ...
26 days ago
By Allycia Joseph