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Ashley Terwilliger
I'm excited to let you know that you can now export Rise courses for Tin Can API (xAPI)! Check out this Peek video to see how easy it is. Enjoy! 
5 days ago
By Mark Otley
Liz Todd
Hi there I can't see an option to search a Rise course. Could this be added? Thanks
12 minutes ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Rise has some nice interactivity features, but it is not comparable with what is possible in Storyline. A nice feature would be to produce content in Rise and be able ...
16 minutes ago
By Kim Hofmann
Peter Faulhaber
Hi I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but......   If I use Rise or Review, the content I create or publish to, where is it stored? In the States or Eur...
24 minutes ago
By Peter Faulhaber
Íde O'Neill
Hi  I would be grateful if someone would advise as to whether content created in Articulate 360 can be readily uploaded to Rise? Thank you
26 minutes ago
By Íde O'Neill
Lyndsay Holder
Has anyone been able to successfully run spell check in Rise? My F7 trick doesn't work and it doesn't seem to catch some of the trickier things a normal spelling and g...
28 minutes ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Holly Fogarty
Hallo there, I might be very dense, but I can't seem to find any way to change the font style in Articulate Rise. Is this an option? I was hoping to build a specific ...
37 minutes ago
By Austin Ross
cherry beck
Hi Is it possible to import closed captions in Rise, or would you need to create the video with closed captions prior to importing into a module? Thanks cherry
1 hour ago
By Helena Smith
Leslie Harrington
Hi - Any progress on this topic "Can more than one author work on the same Rise course at the same time?"
1 hour ago
By Leslie McKerchie
mayuresh saka
Hi, As mentioned on the website under FAQ for Rise "Are Rise courses compliant with accessibility guidelines? Rise employs many modern web standards for accessibility...
1 hour ago
By Helena Smith
Christine Hounsham
Hello I am having troubles with uploading images to Rise.   I had the issues with the jumping cursor in the past few days - and am very thankful this has been fixed ...
1 hour ago
By Christine Hounsham
Katharina Bieniecka
There is a limit to what I can put on a card, but even if I stay within that limit the last few words of the sentence are cut off the eLearning is used on the phone. W...
2 hours ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Tracy Young
Our students keep telling us that they still want to be able to print their learning materials. Is there an easy way to export Rise content to a print PDF?
3 hours ago
By Brian Turner
Cher Young
Hello, Are there problems if the user switches from a Mac Rise project to Windows for completion? For mac, are there Rise limitations or gotchas? (e.g., font, image d...
3 hours ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies
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6 hours ago
By Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies
David Mark
Will Rise publish as a scorm file that can be uploaded to our LMS.
7 hours ago
By Louisa van der Linden
Stephen Dixon-Mould
Hi all, I'm fairly new to all of this so please excuse me if this has already been asked. I am working on a project to refresh all of our HR policies and love the way...
15 hours ago
By Stephen Dixon-Mould
Suzanne Shilton
Hi guys, Wondering if anyone else has experienced their cursor "jumping" when using Rise?  I've been having an issue where I'll be typing and the cursor will suddenly...
16 hours ago
By Bailey Bowyer
Bailey Bowyer
Hi everyone,   I am not sure if this is related to the jumping cursors but I tried to change the default image for the text/image in my course and my upload is now s...
17 hours ago
By Bailey Bowyer
Andrew Ratner
Hello, This is a two-part question: 1) I have a public mindmap template that I'd like to embed as an iframe to maintain its interactivity on Rise. But for some reaso...
18 hours ago
By Alyssa Gomez
John Dallas
Is there any way to organize the courses by folder? We're developing a lot of projects and I can see our home page getting very busy!
18 hours ago
By Alyssa Gomez