I recently shared this super-simple PowerPoint template with the community.

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Building your own beautifully designed PowerPoint template might seem intimidating, but with the right process you can create this yourself in 10 minutes or less. Here’s my easy, four-step process to get you set up in a snap:

Select Background Image

Just a few years ago, finding free, high-quality stock photography was extremely challenging. With the advent of sites such as Unsplash, MorgueFile, and StockSnap, however, that is no longer the case. Now you can head over to any of those sites to access beautiful, vibrant imagery that will bring your design to the next level. For my template, I selected an image scene that includes a laptop to give a “casual business” feel to the template.

Add a Pop of Color

Flat design, which uses flat colors without gradients or shadows, is all the rage these days—and it’s really easy to accomplish. In this case, I simply chose a red that works well with one of the shades in the image and ties everything together nicely.

Drop in Some Text

Text is usually an important component of e-learning, so I added placeholder text in a nice bright white that pops against the background color. I used the default system font, Calibri, to keep things simple.

Set Up Navigation

Finally, I styled my course player to look just the way I want, and I set up the hyperlinks on my main menu slide.

And voila! It’s that easy to build a simple, colorful PowerPoint template in just four steps. Head on over to the downloads section to grab this template if you’re interested, then follow us on Twitter for all the latest e-learning and Articulate news!

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