If you’re looking to turn a static slide into an engaging and dynamic quiz slide, then you should try the Convert to Freeform tool in Articulate Storyline. Even if you’ve never used it before, or haven’t used it much, it’s so simple that you’ll brandish it like a pro in no time.

Let’s take a look at three important things to get you going with this unique and useful feature.

img1.png1. Using Convert to Freeform Turns Your Static Slide into an Interactive Quiz

You’ll find the Convert to Freeform option in the Articulate ribbon, on the Insert tab. When you click Convert to Freeform, Storyline will present you with six types of freeform quizzes that you can create.


Select the quiz type you want to apply to your slide. Then, Storyline will automatically convert your Next and Prev buttons in the navigation area of the player into a Submit button. It will also add two new layers to your slide: one for correct feedback, and the other for incorrect feedback.

2. The Freeform Question Form Editor Makes Editing Easy

Everything you need to build your quiz slide is available in the freeform question form editor. While its appearance might change depending on the type of freeform question you use, the functionality is similar and simple for each one. Just choose the items for each column of the drop-down menu, and make the appropriate selections. The editor also has options where you can edit your correct and incorrect feedback layers.


3. Removing the Freeform Quiz from Your Slide

If you change your mind about a freeform quiz, there’s a really easy way to remove it. On your quiz slide, look on the Insert tab for the Remove Freeform option where the Convert to Freeform icon once was. Click this icon to remove all quizzing aspects of the slide, including the Submit button and trigger and the feedback layers. It’s a huge time-saver if you change your mind about a freeform quiz, as you won’t have to re-create all the elements of your original slide.

These three simple things about Storyline’s Convert to Freeform option will help you turn static slides into interactive quizzes quickly and easily. Do you have any experiences using the Convert to Freeform tool in your own projects? If you do, please leave a comment below and share your story with the community.

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Elaine Bakstad