Did you know that Articulate Engage ’13 comes with more than 20 interaction types? One of those interactions is called the Quick Choice interaction, and it can actually play double duty as a really nice quizzing feature. Take a peek at the sample Quick Choice interaction below.


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Keep in mind, this is for informal quizzing because there is no scoring option, but we all know that not every quiz needs to be formal. Sometimes, we just want to present content in a new way to keep things fresh and interesting for learners.

Let me walk you through how to set up a simple mini quiz using the Quick Choice interaction available in Engage ’13.

Make Use of Imagery
Engage lets you create media-rich interactions, including graphics, audio, and video. So, use this to your advantage to help illustrate the question and provide a visual for your learners. In my example, learners must identify something in the image.

Create Your Question and Answers
Think of a thought-provoking question or scenario you can present to your learners in a few brief sentences. Keep your options to a single word or very short sentence.

Insert Your Feedback
For each of your answers, take a few moments to write some detailed feedback. Remember that this is a learning exercise, so choose your words carefully. In this example, I phrased my feedback for the incorrect options as “Try a different answer.” I specifically used this wording instead of “Incorrect” to make sure learners don’t just read it and move on. You want them to keep selecting—and reading the feedback—until they get it right.

There’s an easy way to create a simple Quick Choice quiz using Engage ’13. Do you have your own tips about using Engage interactions to build quizzes or knowledge checks? If you do, we’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment below.

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