You’ve probably used the default “Glow” shape effect that’s available in Storyline to style some of your slide objects in the past. It’s a great way to call attention to an on-slide item, and it makes a great hover state effect. You can edit the default glow colors by changing the Design Theme for your Storyline project.

However did you know there's another way to create a custom glow of any color you choose, without changing the theme colors?

In this post, I’ll explain this neat and easy way to create your own custom glow in Storyline, simply by using the shadow tool.

Here are simple steps to follow to create a custom glow in Storyline:

  • Right-click on the shape that you'd like to apply the glow to
  • Click the “Format Shape..” option
  • Select the Shadow tab from the left-hand menu. 
  • Select the "Outer Offset Center" shadow option from Shadow Presets
  • Select the color you want your glow to be, and finally
  • Adjust the Transparency, Size, and Blur of your shadow to achieve your desired look

That’s a simple technique that you can use to easily create your own custom glow effect for shapes and images, using the shadow tool in Storyline.

Check out this short Screenr tutorial which demonstrates this step-by-step process. Now have fun creating your own custom glow effects!

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Nicole Legault