3 Ways to Use the Engage

The checklist is one of the coolest interactions that comes with Articulate Engage ’13.  It’s interactive, which makes it so much more helpful and interesting for learners. So let’s take a look at a few different ways you can use the checklist interaction in your next e-learning project.

Create a To-Do List

The checklist is a great way to present a to-do list. It could consist of the jobs an employee needs to complete for a meeting, a list of work tasks for the day, and so on. You can set up your checklist so learners complete items in a specific order, or build it so learners can click through the checklist at their leisure.

Present General Information

Do you have static information to share with learners, but feel like your slide’s looking pretty ho-hum? Instead of showing a few boring blocks of text, use the checklist interaction to make it more fun and interactive.

Develop a Step-by-Step Process

You can document any type of step-by-step procedure with the checklist interaction. If you need learners to follow the steps in a certain order, you can set the checklist properties so they can only proceed in that sequence.

Those are just three easy ways you can incorporate a checklist interaction into your next course design. Do you have other ideas for ways to use a checklist? Please leave a comment below to share your ideas with the community. And if you’d like more tips and tricks about e-learning, please follow us on Twitter.


Carmen Toro