I recently wrote a blog post about one of Storyline’s awesome quizzing features, called question banks. Question banks are very functional and versatile tools, and consist of two important parts: the question bank itself, and the slide draw, which is the slide that draws in the questions from the bank.

Do you remember the two main reasons to use question banks? First, to randomize the orders of questions in a quiz; and second, to more easily manage and edit groups of related questions.

There are so many great tips and tricks related to working with question banks that I wasn’t able to cover them all in my first post. So I’m following up with this second post to focus on three other great things to know about working with question banks.

You can add regular slides to a bank

If you’ve created a question bank before and used the Import feature to bring in existing question slides from your project, you may have noticed that you were able to bring the question as well as regular content slides into a question bank.


Why would you want to include non-question slides in a question bank? Perhaps you want to show some introductory content for your quiz, such as an instruction slide that details how many questions are included in the quiz, and what score is required to pass. To have all the related quiz content in one location, you can choose to include this content in your question bank.

You can lock slides to top, bottom, and each other

Another great feature about question banks is the ability to lock slides. You can choose to lock slides either to the top of the bank, the bottom of the bank, or to another question in the bank.

Why would you want to lock slides? Perhaps your questions follow a logical sequence and you want to always start or end with a specific question. Or, you might have two questions that are related to each other that should be asked together. Storyline provides you with that flexibility, which gives you a lot of control over how you set up the bank.


You can edit attempts and points within the bank

If you’re looking for an easy way to edit and assign points to multiple quiz questions, the question bank is the way to go. When you view your questions inside the bank, you’ll notice two columns displayed to the right of your questions on the screen: attempts and points. Here you can easily adjust all of the attempts and points for a quiz in one easy place, instead of having to open up the Question Editor for each individual quiz slide.


Those are just a few more tricks to keep handy when you’re using question banks. If you have any tips of your own about working with question banks to share with the community, please leave a comment below!

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Linda Vadura