Many ways to edit feedback in quizmaker

When you create quiz slides with Articulate Quizmaker ’13, did you know that there are multiple ways you can edit feedback? It all depends on your needs and which workflow suits you best.

Edit Your Feedback in Form View

Form view really expedites the setup of your quiz slides. Everything you need to have on a quiz slide—the questions, the answers, the feedback text, and all other additional options—can be set up in form view. To edit the text for your feedback layers, simply replace the text in the lower part of the form-view screen.

Use Slide View to Customize Feedback

Some people are more comfortable editing their slides directly in slide view, which shows a live view of the final slide. You can click directly on your objects and text boxes to edit the look and feel for each.

Use the Feedback Master

If you’ve ever worked with the slide masters in PowerPoint, you know they can be a huge time-saver. Well, Quizmaker has something similar, called a feedback master, that also saves you set-up work. Just create your feedback slides once and then reuse the format or design across your whole project.

Remove the Feedback Altogether

Depending on the quiz and the course you’re building, there might come a time when you choose not to give immediate feedback. Maybe the quiz questions are informal, or you don’t need to provide feedback right away. To remove feedback, you can simply edit the options that appear in the right-side panel of slide view. Next to Feedback, select the dropdown that says “None,” and Quizmaker will suppress your feedback altogether.

Incorporate Feedback by Choice

Some of the question types in Quizmaker give you the option to provide feedback by choice instead of by question. With this setting, you customize your feedback based on user answers. The question types that permit this option include: multiple choice, word bank, hotspot, and freeform pick one. To edit the feedback, select “By Choice” from the feedback drop-down menu located in the panel on the right side of slide view.

So, as you can see, there are a number of ways to edit quiz feedback using Quizmaker ’13—it just depends on how you like to work and what you need for your course. Do you have any tips of your own about editing Quizmaker feedback? If you do, leave a comment below. We love to hear your tips and tricks!

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