Reach 360 has always made it super easy to share training with your learners. But with this latest update, we’ve made it even easier. From user permission updates to new ways to share content and register learners to productivity integrations and more—you’re going to love what’s in store. 

Want to find out more? Check out the details below.

1. Separate Admins for Articulate 360 and Reach 360 (Beta)

We heard you: The person who manages your Articulate 360 subscription isn’t always the same person who should manage your Reach 360 subscription. Now you can designate a separate admin for each. Learn how here: Manage Users.

2. Single Sign-On (SSO)

Your learners already have tons of usernames and passwords to remember. So why not make it easy and let them use their company login to access Reach 360? Head over here to find out how: Manage Groups and Users with SSO.

3. Direct Content Sharing

Need an easy way to share a specific course or set of courses with your learners? Now you can create a direct link or QR code to get your learners right into your training. For more information on this cool feature, check out this article: Sharing Training.

4. QR Code Registration

Want to enable learners to register for training easily no matter where they are? Now you can! Simply generate a QR code that leads them directly to the sign-up page. You’ll find more details on how it works here: Enable Self-Registration.

5. Custom Course Completion Certificates

Reach 360 has always offered completion certificates. But now, you can make them feel more customized by uploading your logo and deciding which details to include—like score, duration, and more. 

Sound like something you’d like to do? Head over here for more information: Create and Manage Certificates.

6. More Integrations: Zapier and Slack

Looking for ways to streamline your training workflow? Us too! That’s why we added Zapier and Slack integrations to Reach 360. With these integrations, you can set up a zap to invite new Microsoft Teams members to join your Reach 360 account. Or you can  ask Reach 360 to automatically notify learners when they’re enrolled in a new course or when the deadline’s approaching, for example. 

Learn more about the possibilities and how to get started in these articles: 


We hope you’re as excited about these new features as we are. If Reach 360 is already activated on your account, you can access them immediately. And if it’s not, simply ask your Articulate 360 account admin to turn it on to check them out for yourself. 

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