You may have noticed that there are two ways to check your learners’ understanding in Rise 360: knowledge check blocks and quiz lessons. Since both offer the same types of questions, you might be wondering what the difference is between them and when to use which option. If so, keep reading!

When to Use Knowledge Check Blocks

We created knowledge check blocks to allow learners to test their knowledge or try out their new skills in a low-pressure environment, without having to worry about points and passing scores. You can build knowledge check blocks right into your lessons, fitting seamlessly into the natural flow of your content. Knowledge check blocks are also a great way to add interactivity to your lessons and encourage learners to really think about what they’re learning. 

For example, in this course on reading sheet music, you’ll notice I’ve woven questions into the lessons to give learners a chance to practice what they’ve learned in real time. I give them feedback based on their answers, but they’re not scored.

If you’d like to learn more about adding knowledge check blocks to your courses, check out this tutorial

When to Use Quizzes

Once the learners have had the opportunity to go through the entire course, you might decide that you want to make sure they’re able to pass an assessment in order to receive credit for taking the course. That’s where quizzes come in! Quizzes allow you to score learners based on their responses and report that information to your learning management system (LMS).

At the end of my course on sheet music I’ve added a quiz, so learners can check their knowledge and receive a score. This score not only helps learners gauge their level of understanding, but it can also be sent to an LMS if you need to track your learners’ progress.

To learn more about quizzes, check out this tutorial. And for more information about reporting scores and completion to your LMS, head on over to this helpful article.

The Bottom Line

Both knowledge check blocks and quizzes allow you to gauge your learners’ knowledge, but only quizzes are scored and can report that score to your LMS. So if you need to report a score, make sure to insert a quiz and not a knowledge check block.

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Stefan Park
Stefan Park