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Every e-learning developer should keep the drag-and-drop interaction in their instructional design toolkit. This activity gets learners to engage with course elements and provides rapid feedback when they make a mistake. Plus, drag-and-drop interactions are super easy to build in Storyline—especially when you have downloads handy to get you started! Here, we collected five drag-and-drop downloads from the community to help ramp up your next interactive e-learning course. Check ’em out:

  1. Borrow this sophisticated matching labels drag-and-drop by David Anderson when you need to build an impressive-looking course for a more traditional workplace.
  2. Use swiping and dragging to engage learners in elements of your course navigation with this download by Joshua Stoner.
  3. Get learners to interact with a virtual iPhone when you use this download by David Charney.
  4. Ask learners to correctly categorize an audio clip in this drag-and-drop download by David Lindenberg, featuring the realistic illustrated characters in Content Library.
  5. Test learners’ understanding of situations and environments with this stylish drag-and-drop activity by Karlis Sprogis.

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