storyline rockstar

This month, we’ve provided you with content to help make your loftiest Articulate Storyline 2 dreams a reality. And the sky's the limit with this powerful authoring tool! It has so many options, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of what’s possible.

If you’ve been feeling a little intimidated to start from scratch, no worries. Tackling advanced Storyline 2 use cases is much simpler when you have some guidance from your fellow E-Learning Heroes. With these demos, you’ll go from zero to a hundred in no time!

  1. Kicking things off is Mike Enders’ running calculation download, which uses time limits to prompt learners to act.
  2. Let learners scroll seamlessly through slide content with this download from Nicole Legault.
  3. This sleek little menu by Phil Mayor helps learners navigate through a course without stealing the stage from visually striking content.
  4. Want to give learners the option to check in on their course progress? Trina Rimmer has a download for that.
  5. This download by Lauren Franza lets food service workers try their hand at on-the-job skills from their desks, so they can become confident in their abilities without all the added stress of actual customers.
  6. Want to get more out of your variables? This download by Zsolt Olah demonstrates how sprinkling in a little JavaScript can help you do just that.
  7. The classic card-flip matching game comes to Storyline in this fun download by Dane Hartman.
  8. What do you get when you combine sliders and parallax effects? This isn’t a set-up for a bad e-learning joke; it’s a super cool download by Piotr Peszko.
  9. Keep learners on their toes with different types of timed assessments. Alexander Salas shows you how in this cool download.
  10. Melissa Milloway’s Intro to Guitars, with its candy-colored image and sleek slide-out menu, is cool in a way that suits the instrument.
  11. Help verbose learners keep their responses to a manageable length. In this download, Phil Mayor shows you how, with just a sprinkling of JavaScript, you can create a useful word counter tool.
  12. When it comes to mixing volatile chemicals, there’s no such thing as too much practice. Charles Zoffuto shows you how to use advanced Storyline interactions to help learners become comfortable with tricky tasks before trying their hand at them IRL.

There you have it! 12 spectacular advanced Storyline 2 downloads for you to tinker with to your heart’s content. If you come up with something similarly smashing, be sure to share your source file in our Downloads Hub.