Take Your Chance on 5 E-Learning Scratch-Off Games

There’s a reason Las Vegas is such a compelling vacation destination: people love to gamble. So why not take a cue from the casinos and add a little roll of the dice to your e-learning?

In these fun e-learning examples, learners can play games of chance and use a scratch-off action to reveal hidden info or find the correct answers in simple assessments. All of these creative demos highlight the power of combining unexpected elements with e-learning interactions. Get a quarter out to prep for these fun samples: 

  • This scratch-a-match game by Tania Vercoelen lets learners take a shot at finding three matching elements in a row. Grab the free download so you can put a fresh spin on a quiz!
  • Dan Graham’s cool scratch-off quiz challenges learners to answer multiple-choice questions by scratching off the answer of their choice. Get the freebie to add this fun knowledge check to your next project.
  • Here’s another great free download with a scratch-off theme: In this Egypt-themed click-and-reveal by Maija Perfiljeva, learners uncover hidden objects before learning more about them.
  • Here’s a classic lottery-style demo by Darren Heath where learners drag a coin to uncover the symbols.
  • This “find the flag” demo by Joanna Kurpiewska combines a scratch-off game with a treasure hunt challenge.

Got the itch to play more? See more scratch card–themed e-learning games in this E-Learning Challenge and learn more about gamification in this comprehensive series. You’ll love how easy it is to add game elements to even the simplest e-learning content.

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