Play for Keeps with these Gamification Downloads, How-Tos, and Examples!

Lately, we’ve taken a deep dive into gamification for e-learning, with tons of how-tos, downloads, and examples. We want to make it easy for you to explore these concepts and apply them to the e-learning you create. And, of course, with tons of free downloads you’ll be able to jumpstart your productivity and boost learner engagement in no time. Let’s take a look at all our latest gamification goodness.


Here are some gamification essentials to help you get started. The full catalog of articles in our gamification in e-learning series is here.


Check out these fresh Articulate Storyline 2 downloads:

Hungry for more? Check out these roundups of game downloads:


When you’re looking for inspiration, check out this awesome collection of e-learning game examples created by the E-Learning Heroes community. You won’t believe the fun stuff they created:

Thanks for hanging out with us as we discovered the keys to gamification in e-learning. Got examples you’d to share? Jump into this E-Learning Challenge. Questions you’d like to explore? Start a discussion in the Building Better Courses Forum.

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