Design Compelling Navigation with 5 Fresh Icon Sets

 One of the best way to give your project a custom feel is to create unique navigation that reflects the look, feel, and goals of your course. You can set the right tone, grab learners’ attention early, and direct their focus with navigation that tells the story of your content. And free, custom icon sets set the tone for that sophisticated look.

Icon sets aren’t just for navigation, either. They’re a great shortcut to creating tempting interactivity. For example you could use several icons to create a drag and drop, asking learners to sort concepts, objects, or ideas. Or you can simply use icons as handy visual shorthand for concepts you’re trying to teach your learners.

Take a look at these 4 new icon sets and let your imagination run wild with everything you can do with them! 

  • Get a retro tech look with these 8-bit technology icons by Chris Lee.
  • Give your course a modern, line-icon look with this PowerPoint set by Karen Loftus.
  • Depict tons of common hobbies and interests with this freebie set by Gangotri Patwardhan.
  • Try these line icons by Hoosier Teacher for adding a friendly and personal look to your course.

Check out even more icon sets and examples in this E-Learning Challenge recap. And if you’re feeling kinda icon-crazy, check out our icons hub for tons more!