character clicking a tabs interaction on an oversized laptop using a giant cursor

Tabs interactions are helpful when you need to fit a lot of information onto one screen. They let you chunk out content by topic and introduce a little interactivity to what would otherwise be a very text-heavy slide. 

With so many tabs templates in the E-Learning Heroes community, there’s a good chance you can find a free download to act as the starting point for your own project. So before you start from scratch, check out some of our favorite tabs downloads from the community:

  1. Be dazzled by the fun icons and lively animations in this tabs template from Cecilia Bernal.
  2. Save this tabs interaction by Matthew Guyan for a project that calls for a simple and straightforward tabs template.
  3. See how the illustrated icons and animated images make this tabs template by Montse Anderson a MUST for your downloads folder.
  4. Decide for yourself whether this download from Alexander Salas is a tabs template or an interactive bar chart.
  5. Check out this download by Sally Cox—not only is it a great tabs interaction, it also features gorgeous graphics and fun animations.
  6. See how Allison Goldthorpe puts tabs interactions into the context of a longer course with this full-length course download.
  7. Allow learners to review course information in any order they want with this green-hued template by Ridvan Saglam. 

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