Fun fact: Did you know that the inventors of Trivial Pursuit were playing Scrabble when they decided to invent their own game?

If you’ve spent any time earning cheese wedges in Trivial Pursuit, you know that it’s practically inevitable that you’ll learn something new while playing the game. Quizzes of all types are an effective way to boost learners’ motivation and engagement, and increase their retention. But a trivia quiz, in particular, is an opportunity to add a game-like experience that’s playful as well as effective. Best of all, trivia games can be used in a variety of ways:

  • At the start of a lesson, use a trivia game to pique your learners’ interest by foreshadowing information they’ll see in your course.
  • By placing a trivia game in the middle of your course, you can break up content and give  learners a chance to reflect and re-engage with the information you’ve shared.
  • Finally, wrap up your course with a trivia game as a rewarding way to make sure learners have met your course objectives.

Ready to try your hand at creating your own trivia game? Here are seven examples (including a few from our recent game show–themed E-Learning Challenge) to get you started. Take a look:

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