Over 100 Free Buttons for Enticing Your Learners to Click 

Most e-learning courses have buttons for navigating from slide to slide, prompting learners to make a selection or revealing more information. Buttons can serve many different purposes, but there’s one trait every button should have: it should be eye-catching. After all, if learners can’t spot where to click, they might get confused or feel stuck in your course.

Although there are many easy ways to make your buttons stand out in Storyline 360 (we’re looking at you, hover state), one of the easiest is to apply a subtle animation effect to them. And do you know what’s even easier than that? Snagging free downloads with animation effects created for you!

That’s why you’re going to love this latest roundup of bountiful, beautiful button downloads built in Storyline 360, brought to you by the friendly members of the E-Learning Heroes community. These animated button sets are loaded with creative possibilities for making your courses more enticing—and easier for learners to use.

Check out this fresh, hot batch of buttons right here:

In short, buttons don’t have to be boring. Check out the helpful design tips and ideas you’ll find in the E-Learning Heroes community, from Tips for Making Buttons That Stand Out to even more brilliant button designs in this E-Learning Challenge

On the hunt for free buttons, e-learning templates, and more? Visit our Downloads hub for all the latest goodies. Want to connect with other e-learning pros? You’ll find them at the Building Better Courses forum.

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