The E-Learning Heroes community never ceases to amaze us here at Articulate. And in 2021 we reached a whole new milestone—with our member count topping one million. And thanks to those talented and generous members, there was plenty of creative content shared throughout the year. From the fun projects created for weekly e-learning challenges to the helpful examples shared in our discussion forums, our members truly showcased their skills like never before. 

Although there were tons of great projects to pick from, we managed to narrow the list to the 10 most popular Storyline 360 downloads of 2021. If you’re ready to be inspired, read on!

1. Work from Home GIF-like Animations

Bring remote work to life with these cute animations by Sarah Hodge.

2. Connecting Lines Matching Question

Spice up your next quiz by using this customizable template from Allison LaMotte

3. Gamified Quiz Template with Timer

Add some excitement to your course by having learners race against the clock with this cool template.

4. Colorful Interactive List

This helpful template by Jodi Sansone is easy to customize, so it’s perfect for any course. 

5. Word Search Puzzle

Invite learners to test their language skills in this fun game created by Paul Alders.

6. Customizable Avatar Set

Put some personality into your next project by using the adorable characters included in this graphic download.

7. Spin the Wheel Template

This colorful and easily customizable template created by Samuel Apata makes taking an e-learning course feel like game night.

8. Task Prioritization Immersive Scenario Template

Teach learners how to analyze the urgency and importance of the items on their to-do list with this useful template.

9. Befriending a Monstera Glassmorphism Template

This stunning template by Karlis Sprogis captivates learners and shows them how to grow more than just their skills.

10. Interactive Photo Collage Template

Engage learners with a comic-style panel design in this click-and-reveal template created by Montse.

More Resources

Now that you've seen the most popular Storyline 360 downloads from 2021, we hope you're feeling inspired. If you end up using any of them in your own projects and want to share your version, feel free to do that in the comments below! We love to see how you've adapted our templates. And stay tuned for more best of 2021 content!

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