Make Your Courses Feel Special with These 5 Custom Player Downloads

Building a custom course player lets you achieve original e-learning looks. You can tweak the player to match your brand colors—or go all out and build a completely novel experience. This’ll help your course feel unique, letting learners know that you made it just for them.

When you’re ready to start experimenting with custom course players, these downloads can help get you started. First take a quick sec to check out this tutorial and see how to add these downloads to your project.

  • Use this blue course player download from Virak Yang to bring a sense of calm to difficult or stressful topics.
  • Recognize the cool gradient color scheme? Ben Hall’s course player download might look familiar to electronic music fans.
  • Propel learners into a virtual space they know, recognize, and probably associate with cat videos with this course player download by David Price.
  • Tickle learners pink by downloading Tracy Carroll's vibrant course player.
  • Teach learners through video while giving them all the tools they need to dig deeper into course content with this course player download by Veronica Budnikas.

There you have it! For more custom course player designs—many of them available for download!—be sure to check out the custom course player E-Learning Challenge. And follow us on Twitter for a stream of examples, downloads, and other e-learning goodies.


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