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When you use Articulate Storyline 2, the possibilities are endless. And while it’s easy to get started, having that kind of power can be a little intimidating.

Luckily, you have E-Learning Heroes, an abundant source of knowledge, support, and freebies. When you get so many smart and talented people together in one place, you’re bound to come up with some pretty cool ideas that you can build upon, modify, and make your own.

Use these downloads to help you lay out a complex topic, assess your learners’ understanding of the material, or just make your course more fun! Check ‘em out:

  • Let your learners play on a virtual iPad in this simulation template by Alexander Salas.
  • Try this gorgeous assessment template by Matthew Guyan. Test learners and give them immediate, helpful feedback when they miss something.
  • Make it fun for learners to piece together important information with this interactive freebie featuring annotated puzzle pieces from Jeff Kortenbosch.
  • Do complex charts make your head spin? Alexander Salas takes learners through information step-by-step in this animated freebie.
  • Challenge learners to guesstimate an answer before revealing it to them in this interactive pie chart by our own Nicole Legault.
  • Try Montse Anderson’s clean, engaging, and minimalist grayscale tabs template that puts content at the forefront.
  • Simplify the way learners navigate your course with Jeff Kortenbosch’s minimal, mobile-style menu template.
  • Use this template by Paul Alders to put data right at learners' fingertips.
  • Got audio clips? This soundboard download by Phil Mayor lets you organize them so they’re easy to explore.

Want to share your own Storyline 2 creations with the community? Don’t hesitate to drop your example or free download in the Articulate Storyline Discussion. We look forward to seeing your amazing work!