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Your course’s table of contents sets the stage for the rest of your learning experience. Taking a little extra time to think about how to design and integrate it into your course content can help pull your project together.

If this sounds like a lot to ask of a bulleted list—never fear! The E-Learning Heroes community excels at finding ways to take regular ol’ course components to the next level. Here are six table of contents downloads and examples to inspire your work:

  1. This example by Joanna Kurpiewska shows how adding images to your table of contents can make it more lively.
  2. David Anderson provides a download where the table of contents slide updates to track learner progress.
  3. Evangelos Neochoritis pulls out all the stops in his gamified table of contents, including badges, progress stats, and more.
  4. This educational course by Charles Hamper uses multimedia in the table of contents to give learners an enticing peek at what’s in store.
  5. Stephanie Harnett built a table of contents for this template that shows just how unique course menus can be.
  6. In her download, Ashi Tandon uses skeuomorphic design to make the content seem more tactile.

If you’re looking for more table of contents examples, you’ll want to check out the examples hub. Many of the courses you’ll see include table of contents or custom menus. And for all the apps and resources you need for the course development process, give Articulate 360 a try for 30 days free.

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