Best of 2016: The Top 10 Most Popular Storyline 2 Downloads

Get ready to turbocharge your productivity! We’ve been running the numbers, and we’ve rounded up the 10 most-downloaded Storyline 2 freebies of 2016. In this kick-butt collection, you’ll find interactions, menus, and more that’ll help you add a polished, professional look to your courses in a jiffy.

 Here’s what everyone’s been downloading:

  1. Grab this template pack by Montse Anderson to get a super-cool selection of elegant layouts that can be adapted for any sector.
  2. Build a simple tabs interaction effortlessly with this freebie by Tom Kuhlmann. Bonus! It’s  also available as a PowerPoint download.  
  3. Give your course sleek, mobile-inspired navigation with this menu template by Jeff Kortenbosch.
  4. Create an eye-catching click-and-reveal with the elegant animation effects in this freebie by Montse Anderson.
  5. Show learners where they are in this slide-out progress tracker panel by Trina Rimmer. (It also doubles as a cool custom navigation design!)
  6. Try another great freebie by Montse Anderson! Make your assessment beautiful and easy to use with this quiz template.
  7. Create a seamless scrolling effect that looks like magic with this download by Nicole Legault.
  8. Get ideas for adding game elements to a new-hire orientation with this free interaction template by Alexander Salas.
  9. Bring your data to life with this data interaction by Nicole Legault. Your charts and graphs will have new visual energy with eye-catching animations.
  10. Let learners explore info one step at a time with this creative tabs template by Ashi Tandon. 

And that’s only one piece of the awesome, inspiring content we’ve rounded up for you. And now that we mention it, don’t miss the rest of the Best of 2016 articles we’ve shared so far:

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