5 Dial and Slider Freebies That’ll Help You Add Irresistible Interactivity

It’s a cinch to get learners engaged with the sliders and dials in Storyline 360. Sliders and dials are interactive objects that you can add instantly to your projects and customize with your content. They make it super-easy to create tempting interactions that invite learners to take in information at their own pace.

Explore these examples and then download the files to get a head start on grabbing learners’ attention with interactions they won’t want to miss.

  • Try to resist tweaking the sound in this Beatles classic—impossible, right? Virak Yang’s slider interaction lets you fine-tune various aspects of the sound for endless experimentation.
  • Turn the dial in this neat interaction by Karlis Sprogis to reveal layers of gorgeously designed space info.  
  • Stock up on sleek sliders with this starter pack by David Anderson.
  • Get a creative course overview interaction in this freebie by Paul Alders.
  • Help bartenders test their pouring skills in this slider quiz by Diana Myers. It’s a great example of letting learners test real-world skills in a safe setting.

If you’re itching to get creative with dials and sliders, check out this collection of helpful tutorials and E-Learning Challenges to get going in no time:

And if you don’t have Storyline 360, start a 30-day free trial to take it for a spin.

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